Portable paddles (Part 1)


I’ve sent you a PB.

Tonnie - PA9CW.

Hi Jon,
I will remember your comment/experience.
Thanks in advance for your information how this paddle works in low temperatures (I mean 5…10 below zero).
In winter I need to activate in such temperatures.
73, Jarek


ok, this sunday the TEMP was about 3 degrees to 14 , more or less. Is possible with a gap of 0.03mm that the key doesn´t work property, It must separate the gap between paddes, I think…

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I think the problem is the rubber on the keys is very dense. This means when it gets cold it is not easily warmed up by your fingers. The low density plastic of the Pico Palm paddles will warm up more quickly.

I would call it “thermal inertia” but there may be a more accurate term.

I used my BaMaTech key for the first time on an activation last week and it took a while to get used to it. I was able to use it wearing thin gloves (it was about 6°C) but I still had a bit of trouble keying.

I just put this down to my poor CW skills! I need to use it a few more times before I would pass an opinion. I like the smooth action of course but there is a learning curve.

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Absolute favourite for me is the BaMaKey TP-III from BaMaTech in Germany. My Palm Mini paddle is great, but the TP-III is even better! 73 de M3KXZ


Today I just picked a BaMaKey III after sell my Palm Mini. Hope yhe change will be for better.


I also have a TP-III. It is excellent although I may be finding out how it works in the rain tomorrow given the forecast. The main problem I have with it is the lack of user skill but I experience that with all keys!


Ultimate Bulldog Key
This is my last version!!! Cost 2€.


Brilliant! Bravo|!|!

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Three months ago I send yo an email to buy your Palm Mini. But I didn’t get an answer.:frowning:

I am very happy with a dual-lever paddle I’ve been using for the last few months. I purchased it from Aliexpress. It has a nice feel and the spacing is adjustable.


Nice! Saw something from LY2H using a paper clip as well…

73, Todd KH2TJ

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Hi all,
Have used many, Palm, home brew, microswitches, etc. over the years; I regard the Begali as top of the pack; not inexpensive, but worth it. I made my own base; not having space for anything sticking out of the KX2
Best, Ken


Well done Dani, simple brilliant design.
I like the sliding cover a lot.
73 de Ignacio


Can you regulate the tension?

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Yes. tension and separation.

My favourite is the Whiterook MK65.
Had it 20 years I think and the only problem I have is that I just can’t send with anything else! I would love to get another but they don’t ship to the UK anymore.


I’ve made my paddle te-ne-ke style starting with a c-shaped aluminum profile.
I realized I could find some copper-beryllium fingers at work, so I gave it a try.

This is the paddle I’m using now, it is doing well. Takes a little bit to find the best spacing, but then it is stable.

Weight is 15 grams and cost only a few euros.

Goffredo IU8PWP


Hi folks,
Mine is this. It’s my original.
Small magnets are placed in finger pieces.


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