OE5JFE / JJ1FJK Japan update


Short update about my trip.
I arrrived today to Rishiri island.
Mount Rishiri is covered in clouds today but forcast looks good.

Activation planned for tomorrow morning. Start local time about 5:30. See sotawatch for updates.
I will use aprs for my location.
Not sure if I have reception for APRS.
Plan is to use mainly 20m. And 40m if there is space for dipole.
2m FM and 70cm on JA call frequency.

73 Joe


During the ascent


I’m ready to call you whenever i found you on the air 20m . 40m & 17m

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Thanks for our QSO

Successfull activation done.
Now the way down.

73 Joe


Wx was perfect today.
20m and 40m had a lot of QRN and QSB.
Will post more details later.
No contacts on 40m was a bit strange…

Way up via the Katsugata trail (Western ridgeline) in 4h 10min. Down in about 3h.

View back to Mount Rishiri

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Just looked at the SMS spots. Andy spotter added a /p that I did not send.
I would suggest to look at that again because I just added a /8 for Hokkaido.
That’s how it is done for Japan (and by the way also optionally in Austria instead of /P )

@MM0FMF Andy could you have a look at that please.
I send SMS as JJ1FJK/8 and got spotted as JJ1FJK/8/P.
Not correct at all but hopefully did not cause too much confusions for the chasers.

73 Joe

As per the FAQ just add a period to the end of the call. i.e. JJ1FJK/8.

Thanks Andy. That’s than a feature (optional or as default) for Bogdan to implement in the Sotaspotter app. @YO8SAW

Ah yes… you could just type in the SMS for now. It’s an annoying detail not being spotted perfectly, I know that quite often when activating outside the UK I end up being spotted as MM0FMF/P when I’m probably F/M0FMF/P. as I just use the short cut of ‘!’. The important bit is what goes out on the air.

No worries. I hope everyone got it right. Will check sotadata of errors after I have upload my log back home. So in about 2 weeks :+1:

73 Joe

The special characters used by Andy’s SMS gateways are accepted by SOTA Spotter. I haven’t tested them recently, but I haven’t received any bug reports either.

Bogdan YO3SAW

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Okay I will test it.

Short update for tomorrow:
Plan is Asahidake SOTA Summits but WX is not good. We will see how the weather develops.

I will update the alert and keep you updated.
Thank you

73 Joe

Hi Joe,

I will be up early and listen for you on 20m tomorrow morning! I currently have no antenna for 40m. The last storm took it down.
Good luck with the ascend and the WX!

73 Heinz

Hi Heinz,

Thanks for giving it a try agains all odds. :+1:

Same old story … I need to work on my CW skills to make most out of 5 Watts soon.

73 Joe

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Start from ropeway now (9:45) so I guess an hour earlier than alerted.
WX still okay
Hope to hear a lot of chasers

73 Joe


Thanks so Joe san (^^♪ Two mountains i got … See you later … This is JA4RQO [Hay] Good luck sota…

Joe, I can see from your spot that you need one more QSO. I am sending good karma your direction. Good luck,

Thank you for our QSOs Hay-san and thanks for the good wishes.
Got a total of 4 different callsigns in the log.

A really nice hike and wx was quite okay

73 Joe


Joe san !

I was waiting for your QRV on Tuesday but condition between JA8 and JA7 was not good and I could hardly hear your signal on 20m nor 40m.
Today I put up IV-DP on my work-office and waited for your QRV with my FT-818.
On 20m I heard JA4RQO but your signal was unfortunately unreadable.
So I went back home during my lunch time and at last I GOT YOU on 40m IYYEEESS!!

Have a nice trip! Good day!