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OE5JFE in Japan: Activation videos

Hello everyone,

Some might remember my status updates from my recent trip to Japan.
Now I have managed to edit the video from the activation of Rishiri-zan (Rishirifuji) JA8/SY-001

Here the video:

Thanks again for the QSO with
Hideo @JH1MXV
Gary @ZL2IFB
Tada @JA1VVH
and S2S with Gene @BX8AAD

Hope you enjoy :smile:

73 Joe


Hi Joe!

Very special activation and a very good video!!!
Very lucky to have this opportunity. Go on for more!

73, Christos.

Hi Christos,

Yes indeed a special place with this scenic mountain on the island.
Thank you for your kind feedback.
One more video is planned from my Japan vacation. Hope to find some time for editing this week.

73, Joe

Fantastic Joe! Its easy to see the attraction of SOTA with such fine weather, good views and amazing DX! I’m still smiling about our QSO. Thanks for putting this excellent video diary together, and of course for climbing a JA mountain to work me!

73 Gary ZL2iFB

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Hi Joe,


I’am a little bit jealous (no, really not only a little :wink:).

73 Ludwig DH8WN

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Hi Joe,

You had a nice weather and got one S2S, it was a very nice activation!
I will tell SOTA mates in Japan your video activation report.


Hi Aki,

Please share the video in the SOTA Japan mailing list and other platforms. Thank you.

73 Joe

Shared with some non-Hams here too Joe, everyone finds it inspiring! They now understand why we do it!
Thanks for the excellent video and 73
Geoff ZL3GA


Thanks Geoff!

You made my day with that feedback :smile:
Happy to inspire hams and non-hams with my video.

73 Joe

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Joe, just got back from my trip to Japan. I climbed Rakkodake in Hokkaido but was unsuccessful in making a contact. I couldn’t get my spot to work, and I ran out of time. Hopefully next time…,
Paul Mower

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear that. I had also no contacts on my 3rd activation (Enasan in the Nagano area).
The second one (video is in progress) was a bit more difficult to get 4 contacts for a full activation. But my co-hikers were luckily patient enough and I could manage within one hour.

I just got news from Hideo JH1MXV by email that we worked two SOTA station in SP so propagation is improving.

Good luck for your next trip to JA
73 Joe

Hi Joe

Great video as always. I will be back in EI for Xmas so maybe work you from there.


Hi John,

Thanks for the nice feedback. Let’s hope that the winter will be nice and I can do a snow shoe hike and we a short chat.

73 Joe