New to radio, lets go Summits!

38 Year old lifelong climber and mountaineer. Current callsign is KJ7TMG but vanity is approved and should be in effect anyday ( K9ROB ). Brand new to radio and spend evening on wires X, have a complete ICOM 705 kit with a bunch of goodies. I have my eyes on some very ambitious summits over the next 6 months ( Montana and Wyoming USA ) , all stuff that requires climbing experience, nothing can than be driven or hiked up. Very much looking forward to meeting people in the community and being a member of it.


Welcome to the hobby and SOTA. I hope you’ll activate on 20m CW and I’ll be looking forward to chasing you from the other side of the Pond.



When you get the HV license, you will need to let us know here as you cannot change your reflector ID yourself. And congrats on the new licence.


Welcome from another (ex) climber. I look forward to reading some of your interesting SOTA summit outings.


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Hi and welcome! I’m very much a newbi too, but it’s great fun. :slight_smile:

It might be worth doing a hikeable summit to start with, so that you have a chance to focus on just the radio aspect. That way you can also carry a lot more spares and extras, since you won’t have your rack, rope etc. Just a suggestion.


I have been doing some just outside of town QRP from some small summits. It has been incredibly helpful on what to bring and antenna performance. Now if it would just warm up enough to feel my fingers :cold_face:


You’re bound to be really popular with the chasers if you activate lots of summits that most others can’t access. Be ready for them pouncing as soon as you get there, if you’ve made your plans known in advance. :smiley:


Welcome Robert,
Be listening for you!