New Elecraft Rig: KH1 (Part 3)

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I like your pencil! I also prefer a pencil. I bought this pencil which fits perfectly:

ZEBRA Mini Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Silver Body (TS-3)

It is not the most comfortable pencil to write with because it is so short / small diameter. I use it as a backup.

HNY es 73


Suggestion: sharpen both ends in case you break the lead…


i always have my “EDC” Knife with me to re-sharpen the tip of the pencil :laughing:

73 and hny


did the Magnet Mod
it has not the desired result
the angle of the pressed paddle is to large - the magnet came with the side near to the other - so to weak push up between booth magnets results
had to rebuilt the spring

have a 3rd Party Paddle as Backup on order…

Need stronger magnets. Also, I set mine so they were flush and not inset. I have been very happy with the magnets… much better than the spring.

tnx for the info
tomorrow i will be on OE/ST-391 and testing a softer spring from a ballpen in snowing wx

heavy snowfall and max 10m of sight
did only 6 qso´s


3rd Party Paddle
After several iterations, I think I nailed the KH1 key interface from a mechanical perspective. The crooked connector made it tricky to get right, but if field testing of this new TinyPaddle Plug goes well, we should have 3D files and printed units available in the coming weeks!


A major USP of the KH1 seems to be that you can go skiing without a backpack (on-piste or nearby obviously) and still get a casual HF activation in, as the rig is small enough to fit in a large jacket pocket. The weight bothered me a bit though, so I replaced the oversized stock battery with something smaller/lighter:

A 650 mAh 3S LiPo RC battery was used along with a simple BMS PCB from China and a 3D printed spacer.

This modification shaved off about 85 grams – doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes a very noticeable difference in a pocket. Given the KH1’s low current drain, the battery should last for about two hours of continuous operation. It charges fine using the internal charger with its ~250 mA charging current.

A happy KH1 activator on HB/GR-109