My 57th and possibly last SOTA birthday celebration (Part 1)


We’ve never worked (yet) on the air, but hope to catch you on your birthday activation. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family in this fight. I’ve always enjoyed your helpful advice on operating techniques and gear, and look forward to enjoy much more. Your determination and grit are very inspiring to those of us who are too overcome by life to activate as much as we’d like. Your descriptive and entertaining articles do keep me looking forward to your next adventure, and looking forward to many more.

God Bless you and your family, hang in there with your great attitude.

Mike, N4VBV


Guru! I am honored to have you in my log. Keep fighting and know that much, much more lies beyond this Earthly realm I am certain!

Prayers your way and have a great 57th and activation!




Wow Guru That’s knocked the stuffing out of me. I knew full well that you were ill mate but I thought they had it under control. I’m not going to say I’m sorry for you , as that is not what you need. All I can say is I hope the time you have left is as pain free as possible, and that you and your family can still enjoy the things you like to do. Take care mate and stay safe.


Hi Guru, well I don’t know what to say. Terrible news but I know you will keep fighting like in the past and just hope they can turn things around again.
Our thoughts are with you and the pleasurable contacts we have had.
73 Don G0RQL.


So sorry to hear your cancer is advancing. You are in my thoughts and have my best wishes that your treatment makes you more comfortable.


Bonjour Guru.
Nous sommes vraiment désolé de lire ce qui t’arrive, de nouveau.
Bien entendu tous les mots d’encouragement ne peuvent empêcher la souffrance.
Si tu le permet, je pourrais faire la randonnée du 11 janvier avec toi et te servir de sherpa pour éventuellement porter la station et avoir, enfin, le plaisir de se rencontrer.
Cordiales 73
André f5ukl


Tough news Guru. I add my prayers and best wishes to everyone else’s. I hope that the discomfort can be controlled to allow you to live your life to the full for as long as possible. It’s all any of us can hope for. You have certainly and continue to leave a positive mark on SOTA. Hope to speak to you again from a summit


Very sad news to hear at the closing of the year 2021. I wish you and everyone a lot of strenght and keep the fighting spirit up.
All the best

73 Joe


So I am Andy, and we cannot do best than cross fingers.
Alain F6ENO


Hi Guru,
This is really sad and extremely bad news, I am kind of overwhelmed.
Thank you for all the entries in my chaser log.
If it really goes to the worst case scenario before your 58th birthday, the following is what I would really like to see. A SOTA activator that goes up on a 58 reference on your birthday activating it and leaving behind something in remembrance with your name and call on it.
My thoughts are with you and all those close to you.
My wife got breast cancer about 3 years ago, so I know what it is all about, fortunately she survived and is well now.
Vy 73, you have a permanent place in my memory.


Dear Guru,

I am lost for words. I have great memories of our time and activations together in Navarra.
Our prayers are with you and your family.

Angel & Eva


Dear ALL my great SOTA friends,
I sent my email to some or many but it was impossible for me to remember all the good ham radio friends I have thanks to SOTA and I knew I was forgetting many friends in that email, so that’s why I finally decided to inform the whole community through the Reflector.
I feel immensely honored with the overwhelming response of nice thoughts, warmth, prays and support from the SOTA community. Believe it or not, I assure you the messages you are writing to me here are of great help and they encourage me to keep wishing very much to stay here with you and enjoying our great SOTA hobby.
I have had to face several difficult situations in my life and I’ll again do everything to try to make possible the impossible.
I’ve always been a positive and optimistic person and even now, under these adverse circumstances, I’ll keep thinking for the best and I’ll work hard to make it happen.
I’ll keep looking forward to many more SOTA QSOs with you.
I’m even feeling tempted now to take my SOTA kit and go out for an activation so we can again enjoy the pleasure of exchanging regards on the air.
Thank you very, very, very much for your great friendship and support.



Guru, I am so sorry for the news you report to us. Your strength and determination to remain active from the summits in your current circumstances are truly an example for all of us. I hope to contact you from EA2/SS-57 and those that follow, which I hope will be many more.
I wish you the best of luck

Antonio, EA4MY


When I received the news about the spread of this foul disease I was unable to formulate a response. Many of us have had to face cancer in one form or another but I do not know anybody (myself included) who could be so pragmatic in the face of this devastating news. You are an example to us all and, as I said to others in the MT - This guy has real balls (cojones).

Good luck my friend, fight it and enjoy every activation that remains


Guru, like everyone else I am really sorry to read about the return of your cancer. I hope that the chemo eases the pain, though as we know, the treatment is not pleasant.

I really hope that your birthday activation is a huge success and I hope to be in your log on that day. In the meantime, I send you my very best wishes my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


Guru, I will have a “dram” for you at The Bells tonight and hope to be up on a summit somewhere for a QSO on your Birthday.

All the Best.




very sad to hear that cancer is again stronger on you. I do hope you can conquer it.

It is always great to hear your signal since i know about your struggle, your call is always special for me. Hope to hear you many more times.
All the best.
73 Bruno HB9CBR


Very sorry to hear your news Guru. Live each day to the full.


Hi Guru,
Rotten news. I am sorry. I doubt I can be on air when you are on that summit but I can go to a #57 peak on your birthday in our daylight hours. With current conditions Eu may be possible.

Chemo is tough treatment as you know so I hope it is effective for least pain reduction.

73, GL.


Right after having written this in my previous post, I had a horrible 30 minutes of very intense pain in my spine. It has fortunately gone by now and I think I’m going to do what I said I wanted to do and I’m going to go to one of our local summits for zero points but just to enjoy the pleasure of being on the air from a SOTA summit and exchanging best wishes with you all. I’m not sure I’ll be strong enough to work SSB and it may finally be a CW only activation, bit keep an eye of SW3 and see what the spots say…
I hope to copy you this afternoon…