Most wanted Summits to Summit contacts?

A few years ago, I was really into working s2s contacts and I decided that all of my Chaser points would only come via s2s contacts.

Then I caught the SOTA DX disease and really let my s2s chasing and logging slip. In fact, I’ve barely logged any s2s contacts for well over 3 years. However, despite this, there are few I would still like to make. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to make some pretty rare s2s contacts from EU, but I still need one more s2s contact with the following Associations…

Association(s) Chased All Bands Count
EA3 - Spain - Catalunya 1
EA7 - Spain - South 1
IS0 - Sardinia 1
KP4 - USA - Puerto Rico 1
OD - Lebanon 1
UT - Ukraine 1
VK7 - Australia - Tasmania 1
YU - Serbia 1
ZS - South Africa 1

OD - Lebanon s2s contacts are rarer than hens teeth and as such, I’m not holding my breathe for a second contact any time soon. On numerous occasions, I’ve tried to work another s2s with ZS, without any luck.

VK8, is a very hard state to work from a G summit and I’ve never managed a s2s contact with the Northern Territories… My SOTA logs show quite a few VK8 contacts, but they all came via just 2 Chasers.

Anyone else, frustrated by missing Associations?


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Out of those I’ve worked EA3, UT and YU S2S. Both my S2S to YU were 20m CW. Two S2S to UT were 20m CW while the other three were 12m SSB. My single S2S to EA3 was on 20m SSB. I similarly have blanks on all the others you list.

You have a formidable record with both DX and S2S Mike, so I’m sure your “Most Wanted” list is much shorter than mine, and most participants. If anyone is going to achieve S2S to OD and/or VK8, my money would be on you.

I don’t keep track of what Associations I got my S2S contacts with, but I must have some “talent” for it … I’m not the number one chaser nor activator for Belgium, but I did get to the first place for S2S in a very short time.
If it’s any help, I’ll be activating 9 summits in EA7 (and one in EA5) in May/June 2019.
Watch out for the alerts …
73 Luc, ON7DQ


Hi Mike
Congrat’s you have 5 continents S2S !
73 , Eric

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VK7 & VK8 will be related to the number of activations that occur I suspect. They are a lot quieter than the other VK associations (excluding 0 and 9)

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Hi Compton,
I make it a total of 10 VK8 activations so I’ve missed 8 of them.

Eu will have to wait for the next sun spot cycle if there is one.


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Hi Ron,
I’ve missed 9 of the VK8 activations. The one I got was a S2S so I can cross that one off the list.
Still need another contact for the association though!

Gerard - VK2IO

Just checked my logs and rather interestingly, I have only 13 contacts logged with VK8, the last one was way back in July 2015 with Greg VK8GM.

There appears to be 12 contacts logged with Greg. 10 on 20m ssb and 2 on 17m ssb.

My only other Northern Territories SOTA contact was with VK8NS back in February 2015 on 10m ssb (remember those days?)

@2E0YYY, I’ll be probably carrying on an activation form EA7 in the coming weeks, I’ll PM when I have something planned. I hope to help you adding South of Spain to your Association list

73 de Gab

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I wouldn’t mind Aconcagua from my local hill G/tw-001. or even any hill!

(Somehow I don’t think we’ll hear another activation from SA for many years yet.)

An interesting activation this morning from Gun G/SP-013.

A Bit like buses, after waiting about 4 years for another Asia summit to summit, suddenly two come along at once.

Thanks to Marat RA9WJV signing R100WJV/P and R100WYY, activating R9U/SO-187, it looks like the summit is unnamed. This was a tricky contact as they were only running an 817 on 20m ssb. The contact involved moving the legs of my dipole and then bingo…

I should imagine, G s2s contacts with R9U, Asiatic Russia are pretty rare, so I was made up to log these.

Cheers guys, a wonderful effort.

73 Mike


Balls Pyramid VK9/LH-003 is a bit tricky. Redirect Notice
VK2DIK did get there in his chopper apparenlty but that was before SOTA. Worlds tallest sea stack etc etc etc.


Hi Mike!
We express great appreciation to you for your perseverance in establishing radio contact with Oleg and me. This was our first activation in the present year after a long winter break. Since it was celebrated on March 23rd as the centenary of the formation of the Bashkir Autonomous Republic, we decided to use special callsigns in honor of this event. The activation itself took place in fairly warm and clear weather, but the ascent to the summit was hampered by sticking wet snow on the sliding surface of the skis. The perfect result of the activation was the connection with you - and this is the first S2S contact with England for us. I attach to this post two videos taken during communication with you. At one of them they captured a funny episode with a sudden falling into the snowdrift of my wife Irina, who, in turn, asked me to convey my best wishes to you.
I apologize for the poor translation with the help of Google translator, but I hope the meaning of the written will be clear to you.
Best regards Marat RA9WJV!