Link dipole antenna

I’m thinking of making a link dipole as my current 20m resonant efhw antenna is relatively heavy at 950g and only 1 band. I have a couple of questions however.
What antenna wire can I use to keep it very light but useful.
What bands should I put on it? I was going to put 40+20m but with the new challenge may put 10 on as well. What bands would you put on for ssb?
Lastly simply. A balun on it yes or no?

I prepare one linked for backpacking soon. This one is ok as a simple and not heavy current balun.
I got these 3 bands too, using the online tool linked in the reflector.

A perennial subject Anthony but one which one often brings out new ideas. You can search the reflector archives to see what was said before.

I used 7/0.1 stranded PVC hookup wire, light, never snapped in GM weather in 350 activations. Yellow stands out well. RG174 will do fine for the feeder.

For SSB 40/20/17/10. You should be able to use the 40m dipole on 15m. You may want to consider 60m.

There’s a thread about my balun! Do I need a balun? - #10 by GW7AAV :wink:

Check out for a linked dipole calculator to make things easy.


Thanks. I have seen the antenna calc and will use it. I’ve never been on 80 or 60 and don’t think my rig transmits on 60m.
I have searched the reflector before and got some tips for connectors etc from it. I’m thinking of fishing braid for the extenders at the end. Very light and very strong cheap or free depending on if u go fishing!.

60m is def worth it - it’s my band of choice for SOTA. I usually start there and then QSY to 40m and sometime 20m

Colin G8TMV

Put 6M on it as well. Costs nothing to have it and then you are always carrying a 6M antenna.
No balun needed on the version I built.


What about a norcal doublet? I use both (norcal and linked) and the norcal has a big advantage: once up on the pole you dont have to move it again up and down. Light and “mostly”-band.

73 de Mikel
p.s. my linked dipole has 7 (21) 10, 14 & 24mhz, this last now to be changed to 28

Norcal doublets work very well but you need a tuner. I don’t think Anthony has a small tuner to hand so a antenna that doesn’t need one makes sense in this case.


I do prefer resonant antennas but my ts480 is the Auto ATU version so it has an internal ATU in it but by what I’ve read isn’t too good compared to other internal ATU’s in that is will only match 3:1 or better.

I prefer resonant antenna’s as they give me more confidence.


What sort of power rating does that cable handle?

Enough :slight_smile: Well my 817 doesn’t trouble it.

I’ve never really given much thought as I use QRP levels. Probably 50W will be fine. YMMV.

I can get hold of some 16/0.2 and is still mighty small so that should do. I’m not planning on putting anything more than 25w through it.


That’ll do fine.

I use 7/0.2 also in the field. No point in carrying anything heavier IMHO.

I use the wire from Rapid (other suppliers are available).
I just buy a few kilometers of the stuff and play with it!

I can get 16/0.2 for free so I’ll use that instead of buying some. I’ve got some rg58 so will use that instead of buying some rg174

A 30m half wave dipole works very well on 6 metres, on which it is 5 half-waves. No ATU required.

Similarly, a 40m half-wave dipole works well as 3 half-waves on 15 metres.

Walt (G3NYY)

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I use a link dipole with no balun, RG58 coax and reasonably heavy wire.
Portable link dipole | VK3ZPF Ham Radio Blog.
150 + activations with no real problems.


Peter - VK3ZPF

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love that link!!