Lake District SOTA Weekend 18/19th May 2019 part2

Beats my 3962 Tom for today. OK on your three local regular summits. I got out of dog walking today, my turn tomorrow when XYL goes to work. Today I rode my iron steed into the town for the shopping (doesn’t count steps 1.5 mile return ride) and cut the lawn PM, but I am still strides off your number today unfortunately. Time in shack = several hours, 13 stations chased so far today and while doing that the planning was finalised for my next SOTA Tour with Victor GI4ONL in OK Czechia, starting in 8 days time. We will be operating in the area that EVA OK3QE with Andy OK8JOE were operating yesterday, mainly Vysocina Region. Step count should pickup a fair bit from May 1st I reckon, 12 hour SOTA days if the weather will allow it, although a fair amount of driving also involved…

73 Phil


I’m hoping to do G/LD-013 Old Man of Coniston on 18th May, around the middle of the day. Hopefully, the plan is to attend for socialising on the Saturday evening, my QTH is only 3/4 hour away from Windermere, so I’ll be heading home afterwards. On the Sunday, my XYL’s sister is taking part in the ASICS Windermere Marathon ( ) so the family will be around the Lakes to cheer her on.

Hows everyone else’s plans evolving?


Some tentative plans have been made Colin, thanks. With XYL Judy we booked into a guest house round the corner from the meeting pub venue for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. On Friday we are doing a Wainwright Outlying Fells 5 summits Round for Wainwrights on the Air (WOTA) in the Shap Fells just outside the National Park, called the Seat Robert Horseshoe. I’ll be carrying a 2m FM radio on squelch and activate the 5 Wainwrights on the hoof.

On Saturday we intend going up to the Kirkstone Pass Inn to park and walk across to Stoney Cove Pike. Depending on how we feel when there and the weather we’ll decide whether to retreat or do another Wainwright or possible High Street, but its a long way back and I don’t fancy traversing Threshthwaite Mouth twice. Both SOTAs would be better done in a day with two cars, one at KP Inn and the other at Hartsop.

Undecided what to do Sunday and Monday on our way home, we’ll see that the weather is like. Considering on Sunday the Langdale Pikes (1 X SOTA & 6 X WOTA on the hoof) from NDG CP to top out with High Raise if the day is right, or possibly make for Coniston OM instead and a couple of WOTAs as well.

With the level of interest there should be lots of S2S possibilities on 2m FM with a simple 5 watt handheld and a decent antenna in the rucksack.

73 Phil


Hi Colin

Great to meet up with you and all the others yesterday at the Blackpool Rally. I enjoyed the morning but as you know I had to leave early to head South :smile:

For the SOTA weekend I’m activating Hutton Roof Crags LD/-052 on Friday (on the way up), Claife Heights LD-053 (possibly Top o’Selside LD-048 later) on Saturday and on Sunday maybe Harter Fell LD-028 or Great Gable LD-005. All these are unique for me with some completes. Looking forward to it.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Still hoping to do St Sunday (LD-010), Fairfield(LD-007) and Seat Sandal (LD-022) on the Saturday and if still mobile possibly even a slow walk up Red Screes (LD-017) on the way to the pub, although if not careful I’ll be looking like that London Marathon runner that crawled over the line!

Undecided if I should just do 2m, or take the HF stuff (Possibly to allow a longer activation and recovery time on a summit!) Are most concentrating on 2m FM? Only have limited gear for 70 and nothing for 23cm.
I live about an hours drive from Windermere so will head home Saturday Night.
Might limp up to the top of Burhope Seat (NP-003) on Sunday Morning if anyone is activating from the lakes and wants a S2S.

If there are plenty of people activating several summits then 2m FM (SSB even) will be fine. But it does mean that chasers out of 2m range wont get to play. Perhaps 2m FM with a handy say for some of your summits and a bit more of an activation with HF on one of them?

I may not take the HF antennas with me and just have the 817 for 2M/70cms, the 23cms handy as there will be a few stations QRV there and the 13cms gear for both an S2S or 2 and to work a few G stations. I’m thinking I may take my 1984 vintage FT290 Mk1 for some “old school” 2m hill topping. I’d like to use my TR2300 but it’s need a bit of looking at as the power and sensitivity varies (probably some bad joints somewhere).

What, all those well-loved fells being activated and you guys want to be mean and keep it to FM? Shame on you, I hope it thunders - well, perhaps not, that weekend I return from a holiday in Devon!

Not actually dared to try and turn the 2200gx on in 20 years - yes it still had crystals! I also have a TS 520 which could be heavier than the lucky anvil!

Hope some people will take something a bit heavier than just a handy with them to work on 2m FM and even a beam pointing westwards as MI0JLA and I will be operating on GI/SM-021 in the Sperrin Mountains and hoping for LD s2s!

Rod will be on HF as usual but I, with my trusty VX-7R and massive 5w (!), will be hoping for some s2s but I do realise I am quite a long way away (we’ve done the nearer NI summits on previous expeditions) but ‘We lives in hopes if we dies in despair’ as my nanny used to say (or would have done if I’d had one…) Keep those ears flapping and beams aiming west. please - and remember it is all supposed to be fun!

73 Viki M6BWA

I know what is going to happen, because it always does at the moment. I’ll plan to travel light then end up taking the FT-857 with 2 x 4.2AH LifePos.

So I will at least provide some opportunity for inter-G on 80m and further afield on 40m and 20m.

Thanks for the information, think I will take the HF stuff and will try and get on 80/60/40 from some of the summits

HF and VHF for me unless the weather is atrocious (I know, unlikely in the Lakes in May), in which case only the VHF is waterproof

Hi Viki,

In my case, 278km away from G/LD-058 (Arnside Knott) where I hope to be QRV on 2m (and 23cm) Saturday afternoon.

I’ll have a 4-element 2m Yagi (which I can make vertical or horizontal). I too have only 5W (FT817 and FT1D) but I think S2S may be a bit of a stretch on FM given the distance and the big hills my end spoiling the LoS path.

I’ll be QRV on CW and SSB which would help but I think you are FM only. It’s worth trying anyway.

73, Andy

Hi Andy

If we both stand on tiptoe??




G to GI is quite common from the western fells (Skiddaw has given me best results but taller Wasdale fells are good too). Each time was with a sotabeams MFD. Central and eastern will be more hit and miss on FM.

Last year backpackers contest on 2m SSB got me to around home counties from LD but that was with the trusty 3 ele yagi.

I will be West but not sorted out where as yet but it will involve ssb as well as fm on 2m and perhaps hf if it isn’t peeing it down


I hope it warms up a bit. 20mph winds and -5C windchill on Tarn Crag today. I even had to scrape ice off the windscreen this morning. In the sunshine and out of the wind it was a superb day though. The bluebells (in the valley) were out in force. The bands seemed down though and the QRO DX hunters were performing well :confused: on 40m. 60m was a bit of a challenge, 20m seemed the best. Thanks for the chases and 2 weeks to go to LD fest :hugs:

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No problem from Helvellyn Viki, apart from the curvature of the Earth which the Solwise tool doesn’t take into account. I think shouting might be required though, but I’m getting good at that with band conditions the way they are at the moment.

Looking at your graph you’ll be OK sitting down but I will have to wear my highest heels to lessen the elevation difference of 675.8m!! My problem, as always, will be to be heard with my faint signal with the clamour of those wanting a contact with you. Enjoy the walk - and may the weather be kind to us all. Snow is forecast for the 551m high Trostan (G!/AH-001) on Thursday this week!
73 Viki M6BWA

What time are people aiming to gather at the Brookside pub?

I will not be able to be there after all. Sorry.