Kyrgyz Republic SOTA association


My name is Archie, I live in the Kyrgyz Republic and operate with the call sign EXØQKT. As you know, it is a mountainous country with many peaks. I would like to become an administrator in this country, but I need help with marking the peaks and mountain systems.

The thing is that the old instruction to create all the coordinates on the map no longer works on Windows 11 computers. I would like to have a clear instruction, relevant today, or other help from you in creating SOTA in Kyrgyzstan.
Thank you very much if you can find time to contact me.

My latest YouTube video with mountain scenery:

Archie EXØQKT from Kyrgyzstan.


Not sure why SQ9MDN deleted the post but I think the way how it works is:

Contact the SOTA Team via the form:


Based on requests from other countries that want to join the SOTA programm the main issues is the availability of accurate maps. Especially for naming summits but even more important to apply the 150 m elevation prominance rule.
This meas that all qualified summits in a region need to be made available. Cherry picking just some summits is not done anymore as far as I understand. But starting with one region is an option. But I guess you are probalby already in contact with the MT.

And in the post by SQ9MDN there was another valid point that this likely will require a team for motivated region managers and assoziation managers to get things prepared. Month of map work and preperation ahead…

I wish you all the best and looking forward to another assoziation to visit :+1:

73 Joe


Good luck with the project and hope to hear some Kyrgyz republic sota calls in the future.



Your efforts are most appreciated.
I visit your beautiful country on a regular basis.
Next time in September. We have a cooperation with the kstu in Bishkek.
I always wanted to be on the air from the issyk kul area.
Maybe you can help me who i have to contact for a licence.
Sota in Kyrgyzstan would be fantastic.

73, Peter dk3rn