Knots tutorial for antenna setup

weather has been so miserable last weeks that as I couldn’t go out to the mountains I have finished a video I had planned long time ago.

It shows some tricks and knots I’ve been using since years to put up my antenna in the summits. Hope you find it useful for your own setup. Try them, you are not going to regret.
It shows the whole setup process so I recommend to see it with a beer at hand…

In the video a new flexible wire Winder I have homebrewed is shown.
It was made with a piece of plywood cut by half and joint by means of an expired ID card:

This way I can bend the winder and extract all the wire at once:

This saves time to deploy the antenna, which is important with bad weather.

People in the park was a bit astonished while I was recording: what is this man fishing there?

73 de Ignacio


Excellent video Ignacio.

I like the idea of the flexible winder.

knot 1 for the pole is one of the many Constrictor knots or Millar’s knots (used to tie a sack up) You look like you’ve tied that know many times before…?

knot 2 for the tent pegs we call a Lark’s foot or Cow Hitch

knot 3 - a simple slip knot.

I enjoyed the music and learned a bit more Spanish. Bueno!!



Did you have to learn about knots and other older seafaring things when your were bashing brass on behalf of Her Majesty’s Navy? And had the Rum ration been abolished then as I think from clues about your age you may have been serving around the time it was just being abolished.

Hi David, thanks a lot, I’m just sweating after my effort in preparing the notes in the video in english!

Glad it’s interesting for you.
Now that is open sourced, I’ll soon find cheap chinese clones on disposal at Aliexpress, I’m afraid.
Should I patent it and get millionaire soon?

73, Ignacio


Spot on Andy!! :star_struck:

To get the Tot you needed to be 20. The rum ration ended on the 1st august. My 20th birthday was on 25th July - so I just managed to experience the rum ration 1st hand rather than watching my older colleagues sup theirs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, everyone in the RN did basic training of about 6 weeks where you learned basic seamanship, knots, anchors, damage control, fire-fighting and all that sort of thing. My interest in knots and the like increased when I started climbing & canoeing soon after I left the RN.



Very good video, thanks for posting it. This time perhaps I will be able to learn how to do those knots. You showed me the attachment to the pole but I didn’t recall it properly when I tried it myself… 73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH
PS. Enjoyed the music too!

Thanks for the taking the time to make this video. Enjoyed it! :+1:

Thank you Ignacio for the wonderful video with the great music (I knew the one piece by Pat Metheny).

I’ve been a fan of your videos since you explained how to wind wires.

73 Armin


Hi all,

You can find a nice App called Knots 3D got it for free couple month ago, now is chargeable :roll_eyes:
for Apple :

for Android :

It’s very interesting and well done :+1:

73, Éric

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Are the knots easier to tie after a few beers?

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Hi Ignacio,

interesting version of 8-Winder.

73, Ludwig

Somewhat related question… Why are commercial figure-8 plastic kite winders so expensive?


Éric This website is very good too - and is free…

Constrictor Knot (Folding Method) | How to tie a Constrictor Knot (Folding Method) using Step-by-Step Animations | Animated Knots by Grog and it should open to the “constrictor knot” which is almost identical to Knot 1 in Ignacio’s video.



OK David :wink:

For knots no problem, 34 years in the French Marines gave me a good basics on the subject :smiley:

Was just showing a good App for knots (about 150 different)

73, Éric

Edit :
At the top of the mast I use the capstan knot with a ring it comes to the same, the antenna wire slides in the ring :+1:


Hi Ignacio!

Very interesting and recycling method of holding an antenna on a pole! Thanks for the nice video.

73, Christos

Hello Andrew, yes, just a single try on a summit wasn’t enough for a proper learning. I’m glad to see these knots replicated some kilometers away from home! Take care and looking forward for an S2S soon

Hi Armin, I’m happy you are still enjoying my videos.
I think it takes me more time deciding what music to add to the video than the actual video edition… I’m always too concerned about the style and rhythm for the scenes!

Not quite sure, that would make you happier probably, but perhaps less reliable.
I suggested that because the video was a bit too long.

Hi Christos, yes, it’s great to use the same rope time after time for many activations without an issue.

Eric, David,
Thanks for the interesting links with knot apps and webpage.

thanks for positive feedback, I should consider producing some new tutorials maybe?

73 de Ignacio



34 years in the French Marines. Wow!!! Well done. :100: :medal_military: :medal_military:


This is what you need - Knotting Porn :innocent:


Does it show how to make restraints for when you have forgotten your forgotten your bungee cord with caribiners and roll of duct tape? If so I’ll ask Santa for a copy.


Also included the rare sky hook knot incase you forgot the mast :upside_down_face: ? Put it on my list