Guru, EA2IF is now Silent key (Part 1)

It is very hard to announce the passing of EA2IF Guru.
Guru passed away this morning (March 11) at home, surrounded by his loved ones.

Guru, very active SOTA activator and chaser, had been fighting with cancer since long time.
Last months he faced difficulties to progress adequately and doctors told him to get ready for a fatal ending.

Being conscious of lacking effective treatments, he fought hard and enjoyed as much as possible with the aid of the radio and some SOTA activation whenever possible.
He tried recently to get to MG, but unfortunately his sudden death caught him just 26 points apart. In our hearts, and after so many activation (415) you are already in the herd, Guru.

He was a very frequent contributor in this reflector and liked to offer his point of view and share comments and pictures of his trek.
We used to chat almost daily on WhatsApp with some other ham friends where he warned with any new interesting activator spot, and I met regularly on air with him while chasing Sota in the afternoon, frequently hearing him working DX from summits, with his distinctive CW pace and suffix , IF…

Guru is now in The Summit, you will be missed.

Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

73 my friend , Ignacio


Sad news. RIP Guru and enjoy the summit…Mike AD5A


Sad news indeed. Thanks to Guru and to you also Ignacio for many contacts from Spain here in New Mexico.

Adios and RIP Guru.



Thank you Guru for being my friend for the last 10 years. Lucky to have met you. I have not had time to give you one last hug.
Miss you…ansia!!!

73 de EA4R Alfonso


I have no words to express my sorrow at hearing this news.

I had so many QSOs with Guru and we exchanged so many emails. Guru was a huge friend of SOTA helping the SOTA MT with the problems of many Spanish speaking hams. All we had to do was ask and Guru would provide help and support. This support never diminished even as Guru’s illness continued and got worse.

I feel saddened that I never met Guru in person and if I had, then the gap in my life that his passing has left would be even bigger. Condolences to his friends and family.

RIP my friend.



Very sad news indeed. We will miss you and remember you.
Antonio, EA4MY


Sorry that hear that Guru EA2IF is sadly now silent key. I know that he tried to fight hard through his cancer by continuing to do the things that he enjoyed such as SOTA chasing and also activating a SOTA summit when he was able to. I have also had the pleasure of working Guru EA2IF from a couple of SOTA activations that I have done. My condolences to Guru EA2IF’s 2 daughters, his son and his mother and the rest of his family also.

Jimmy M0HGY


I’m just heading out to drive to this weekend’s activation location and received the message from Ignacio.

The day will be difficult. Although I met Guru only in September 2019 we shared some personal history and medical trials and established a warm friendship, as much as that’s possible at opposite ends of the globe. We kept up our chats on WhatsApp and he told me about the progression of his cancer. He was philosophical and realistic about it.

As others have said it didn’t matter that he didn’t reach the MG level as in our minds he was already way past that. Always a guru.

73 and my commiserations and sympathy for his friends and family especially his children who recently celebrated his birthday with him.

My activation this weekend will be in his memory and honour.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


I’m shocked… Thanks guru for our 14 years friendship I will never forget you … Best 599 from your summit , dit dit dit dah dit dah . R.I.P


Guru was one of the great personalities of SOTA. His passing diminishes us. Vale, Guru.


There must be a way to make him honourary mountain goat?


Sorry to hear Guru has passed away. Sympathy to his family and the SOTA community will miss him dearly.
Ian vk5cz …


Hello Ignacio, thanks for bringing this very very sad news to the reflector. Guru was a regular contributor to this site and we will miss him.

I had lots of contacts via email with him over the years and learnt a lot from him. I will surely miss him and these contacts.

My thought and prayers are with his family.

RIP Guru.

Geoff vk3sq


I was so excited to finally have a S2S QSO with Guru a few weeks ago. Very thankful for his wisdom and all our interactions on this Reflector. RIP


Hi Ignacio

Really sorry to hear this sad news, it was great to work yourself and him from VK6 last week. He even recorded our QSO and put in on You Tube. Those 2 contacts will be even more special now.

Guru was a great Sota supporter and taken way too soon.

Condolences to his family and friends.

John VK6NU


Sad news indeed and sooner than I expected. He was a great contributor to the group and I always thought his name was apt. Guru.

My condolences to his family and close friends. I’ll raise a glass tonight in his memory.



Another punch in the gut. K1LIZ, W2SE, EA2IF. Do these things really come in three’s? I hope that means we get a bit of respite the balance of the year, or more. Will those three do summit to summit in heaven? Guru needed only two 10 pointers with bonus for goat. I heard all the summits in heaven are ten points and that the bonus is year 'round. RIP, amigo

Elliott, K6EL


Very sad and shocked…
Guru gave me a good advice when I got injured by a crampon hit.
Many thanks and please rest in peace,Guru.



Thank you Ignacio for taking on the burden of sharing this very sad news. When I was activating today and heard your call and that of EA2BD I thought hopefully that I might also hear EA2IF from across the Atlantic. I will always remember his patient encouragement as I worked at improving my Morse code ability. Guru is deeply missed.


Absolutely terrible news. I was just emailing with him last week. :sob:

Guru my friend, I look forward to our next QSO in another life. God speed, and 73 until we meet again.