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Guru, EA2IF is now Silent key (Part 1)

I was fortunate to work Guru as my first Trans-Atlantic CW SOTA QSO ever last December. I bumbled my way through it and Guru patently worked with me.
He took the time to respond to a email thanking him.

May he Rest In Peace on a great summit in the afterlife. Prayers to his family.



That truely is very sad news. Guru was such a great enthusiast of SOTA and Amateur Radio.

Rest in Peace Guru.



Very saddened to hear this news. My thoughts and sympathies go to his family, including his SOTA family. RIP Guru.


Rip guru :sleepy:


I’m shocked and saddened reading this bad news this morning as I set out for the hills. Of course I knew about Guru’s condition, and his worsening prognosis. Yet you still always believed in his ability to beat each battle along the way, probably because of his positive attitude.

Guru is a SOTA friend that I will never meet, and I regret that. I will really miss our regular WhatsApp conversations, and I’m sure that goes for many more people in the SOTA family too.

SOTA MT will also miss the enormous contribution Guru made with translation and liaison with the EA and South American associations. This was both in respect of press releases for publicity, and in assisting with new associations. Like Andy said, he continued these duties right up to the end.

This is well worth a read if anyone hasn’t yet done so - I’m going to give it another read - it’s what Guru was all about.



I am grateful for many memorable QSOs in my log with Guru and I’m very sad to hear this bad news.


Very sad! We just chatted to carry out EU-JA SOTA day and its next week Guru! My deepest condolences, RIP
Toru Kawa JA1CTV / JH0CJH


Sad news. Guru has been a true SOTA enthusiast and contributed a lot to the community. We will miss him.


No words, only sadness…
R.I.P. Guru


Sad, Sad News.
Guru had told us of the likelihood of his passing and kept activating and chasing to the end. Guru - you will be sadly missed.

Vale Guru EA2IF RIP


UPDATE: Silent Key announcement in this coming weeks Amateur Radio Newsline broadcast.


Such sad news in the morning. I am grateful that I was able to have some QSOs with Guru. Unfortunately, we have not met in person. Guru and SOTA simply belong together. He has also always enlivened the Reflector and contributed. Much strength to the family, relatives and friends.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


What sad news!
I’m about to leave for today’s activation.
My plan was to activate BW-057 for Guru’s birthday activation but it didn’t happen due to work commitments. I’ll activate it today in memory of a brave SOTero who will always be in our hearts.
My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP, Guru!

73, Roman


I have a huge sorrow for the loss of Guru.

Now he is already on the highest summit.

rest in peace good friend Guru



Descanse en paz Guru.
R.I.P. dear Guru, We will miss you.

Moises EA4MZ


This is very sad news this morning. Thank you Ignacio. We had quite a close exchange about his illness, and Guru was always an example to me of confidence about what is now and what is to come, despite all sorrow and pain. Reading all the messages from you SOTA friends makes me feel incredibly close to him again. Best wishes and much strength to his family and his friends!

RIP on The Summit, Guru, we miss you!
Markus HB9DIZ


Guru, unfortunately I never met you personally. But through the many posts and a handful of qsos, I could sense some of your warm personality.

I don’t want to speak about the grief of your loved ones and also here in our Sota community.

But I know that all your limitations, fears and pains are gone now. And you are now sending lightheartedly on undreamt-of summits and always being heard in our hearts.

73 Chris


Ignacio, as hard as it is for you, thankyou for letting us all know of this sad news.

I have only the two contacts with Guru in my SOTA log (both being S2S I am proud to say) plus one other non SOTA contact, but I feel that I know him far better than such a small number of contacts would normally indicate.

His support to the SOTA community has been truly exceptional and he will be missed by everyone. I think it reflects well on him that I can only recall reading positive and supportive posts and comments from him and have always considered him a guru of SOTA and a true gentleman.

Would have been brilliant if he could have gotten those extra 26 points he needed to get to the 1000 point mark, but he will as Ignacio put it always be considered as part of the herd.



Guru was always on hand to offer advice and encouragement and his enthusiasm for this truly great part of our hobby that is SOTA, was there right to the end.

Thank you for the Chases Guru. It was always a pleasure, and indeed sometimes a huge relief to hear your voice from my summit radio stations.

You will be missed my Friend. :heart:

73, Fraser


So sorry to hear of the passing of Guru he has been a long term friend on SOTA
for me. Condolences to the family. Don. G0RQL.


When I got up this morning Ignacio had sent me this sad message on my mobile phone (thanks for that)

Guru was one of the first in the SOTA family that I had an exchange with… and it was a disagreement. But we kept in touch and found a compromise.

Just a little later, I felt that this must be a really great guy that I would like to meet privately. That and the many great photos from the area made me decide to go to Pamplona last September. We had a great time together and talked for hours… And it went way beyond amateur radio! At the time, the prognosis for his treatment was also good. We made plans about his visit to me.

A few weeks ago he wrote me that it was not looking good at all… and that one had to expect everything. It was clear what that meant, even though you don’t want to admit it!

It hurts very much to have lost this wonderful person. But this pain will go away… and what will remain is the feeling of gratitude that one was allowed to call this man one’s friend for a while!

RIP Guru - your friend Armin

Guru in action