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German - Czech Tour

Just driving away from DM/BM-349. Victor getting the best DX S2S QSO of the tour so far, a long path QSO with Andrew VK1DA/P who was on VK1/AC-043. KX2 and resonant inverted vee, no ATU no balun, short 4m pole fastened to a tree.

On 40m I got 16 QSOs and only one, EA2DT on 20m CW. I got the bench Victor got the wet backside.

Now on our way to DM/BM-309.


The adventure just gets better and better. Congrats to Victor and Andrew on the dx s2s! I hope that Victor dries out soon - hi hi!

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FB Nick, he says it’s now dry!

We not sure if we will get to this one today. Markus @HB9DIZ gave me a GPX track from the top of the ski lift to DM/BM-368. Only 850m walking. Lift closure 1445z. If not today then Thursday. We are having lunch today at the Haidsteiner Hut on DM/BM-304.

73 Phil


Phil and Victor @g4onl

Delighted to scrape a s2s contact this afternoon on a chilly Mt Stromlo, vk1/ac-043.

My rig was kx3 10w and zs6bkw doublet at 7m AGL in centre, inv vee.

I tried for a contact with @Ea2bd but was not strong enough on 20m. Listened for your spots Phil even on 40m ssb but all I heard were the chasers.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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We are going to 10 pointer DM/BM-368 for the ski lift now as the weather is fair. Pulled from Thursday plan. Expected around 11z or a little sooner.

73 Phil

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GL with WX!
Hope to catch you from DM/BM-030 Roßberghütte for complete :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Mario DJ2MX

FB Mario Victor just come off lift, now we walk to the NATO Towers

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We arrived

Hi Phil and Victor,

As written before in another topic we will travel to France on June 30 & July 01 with overnight on Wasserkuppe DM/HE-001.
With hope to S2S :wink:

73, Jarek

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From cold war I guess…


Lookout tower

At the top of the Schwarzriegel stands a tower with a NATO eavesdropping station for the so-called communications sector F. American troops operated here until 1992, French until 1994. The station was closed in 2004 and the 75-meter-high main tower was equipped with an external staircase and a viewing platform at a height of 50 meters, which is open to the public all year round as a lookout tower.

From Wiki


Thanks info Nick. More of the same for us today. Weather overcast though and rain coming sometime. We go to DM/BM-262, DM/BM-295 and DM/BM-259 and will look for a 4th if there is time. May draw another from the Thursday list if the weather is kind to us today. Schwarzriegel was a bonus from our Thursday plan, but with storms around now we decided to get the summit done in case the ski lift doesn’t run in bad weather. We had a fab day out and a nice lunch in the alm at the bottom of the lift. 7.30am breakfast now and the Victor is knocking on my door.

73 Phil

Change of plan today. We go to Grosser Arbor DM/BM-047 now and will amend the other summits as we proceed.

73 Phil

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Gipfel On The Air (GOAT)

Two down , two to go. I’m drinking the German :beer: in front of Victor…

Wurst mit brot on the way…

73 Phil


Have fun with the german bier and wurst mit brot. We tried to catch your both for s2s, but nothing heard.
Now on the way home.
73 Uwe & Chris

Now will that be a curry wurst or just plain mit Kuhne (traditional German mustard) but what ever it sounds good.

Yes, we did it :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:
Thanks for complete nr. 99 for me :beers:
Nothing heard on 40m and 30m but unexpectedly short skip on 20m, unbelievable!

73 and have a fun
Mario DJ2MX


Just driven past the Rhode and Schwarz factory, world famous RF test gear.

73 Phil


I hope you checked out the skips…


Yes Mario, surprising what the ether can offer isn’t it - freaks of HF nature!

I’m not sure what we will surely activate tomorrow, but we are setting the bar at just three summits, as we are saving ourselves for Friday when we are back in Czech Republic sharing the OL15SOTA callsign. Tomorrow is likely to be DM/BM-002, DM/BM-296 and DM/BM-259 who are all 10 point summits.

If Chasers keep an eye on the SOTA Alerts page I will update the summit and approximate QRV time as we progress. The mobile coverage is pretty good in the area.

Pile ups don’t really exist, at most 3-4 stations calling at any one time only. I think I’m averaging around 15-20 contacts per summit overall, but we are operating for less than 30 minutes everywhere we go, to maximise the number of summits visited. 2.5 days operating left on this tour.

73 Phil DL/G4OBK/P


Arrived DM/BM-002 RF in 15 mins