Dx'p to Marquisas Island FO/M

Hello all,
I’ll be off Sota for a month!
Shame there is no Reference in French Polynesia as i’ll be in Hiva Oa Island from 4th to 19th november.
73’s from Gerald F6HBI https://tx7l.com/


Have a great DXpedition and see you in the pileup

Declan EI6FR


WoW! Please upload photos!!

Enjoy and good Dx

Hi Gerald, nice to hear that you are member of this great dxpedition. Good luck for all and
enjoy the activiity. I hope to get a rendez-vous and hear from You. Marquisas Isl. is a new dxcc for me"
all the best and 73

Hi Gerald,

Have a great DXpedition with the team.
Hope to work you on a few bands.
Have fun and safe travel.

73 de Jan SM5LNE

I’ll be chasing you! see you in the pile up.

73 de VE6JTW. Jesse

Safe travels and I’ll look for you on the airwaves.

OK, so we have about a week to survey it for SOTA purposes and then push it through with an out of session update. Is this doable? If not, I need Marquesas Islands on most bands so will be chasing hard for you guys.



Have fun Gerald!

Jeff KE9V

Just appeared on POTA site:

73 Ed.

Cw & ft8 only seen so far. Not sure if thats the plan.

From the way it is worded here:

it seems FT8 and CW set up first then other things from tomorrow.
They have SSB in the plan for some of the bands:

73 Ed.


Hello Declan, you did a good job! FT8 CW SSB you must have a good setup.
73 from Gerald F6HBI/TX7L

Hello, i can see you are in the log on 17m cw.
Congrats! I will put some photos soon.

Hello Paul,
I wonder how you manage the 17m CW QSO? Were you QRP on a summit?
73 from Gerald F6HBI/TX7L

Hello Jan,
I am glad we had this QSO, if i can remember our QSO was on 20m cw…
My memory is not so good, as i was more than 100 hours on CW.
You did a good job.
73 from Gerald F6HBI/TX7L

Hello Jesse,
You are in the log 15 CW. Nice job
The condx were good to VE7/W6/W7, we had a lot of contact to west coast, even in 29mhz FM (for the fun). 73 from Gerald F6HBI/TX7L

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Hi, i can found your call in the log; did you heard any sigs from us?

Hello Matt,
You did a good job with FT8 on nearly all bands.
Australia was easy to QSO, as i can remember.
Not realy a DX compare to Europe!
73 from Gerald F6HBI/TX7L

Hi Jeff,
May be it was me operating when you did QSO TX7L 10m cw.
congrats. Gerald F6HBI/TX7L