DV Challenge Flavour, 1st-7th March 2020

Which DV mode(s) will you be able to take part on as a chaser, activator or both?

  • C4FM
  • DMR
  • FreeDV

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Hi Tom,
Don’t you want to include the option None in the poll?
That way you’ll be able to distinguish those not voting from those not voting due to not having any of the 4 DV modes offered.
I would vote None should that option existed.



No Guru, I thought of that but decided against it. “None” would win the poll, attracting lots of votes from people with no interest in DV and no intention of taking part. I want the poll to reflect the modes in use by those that are actually going to get involved.


I’m kinda hoping there will be more than 10 people making SOTA QSOs on a digital voice mode in the first week of March!

So please do vote above for which of the DV modes you can take part on - activator or chaser.

Just re-reading your post Guru @EA2IF. Are you saying you do have use of a different DV mode to those listed?

No or, at least, I didn’t mean to.
I don’t have any DV mode available in any of my rigs, so my vote in your poll would always be None no matter which and the number of DV modes listed.
This dinosaur (myself) is convinced that analogic is better than digital for ham radio communications.


Is there anyone, other than myself, with C4FM (Fusion) capability in S E Scotland (Edinburgh)? So far I have only worked MM1EYP on Fusion when he has done a Gig somewhere up here in Scotland.
I keep monitoring 144.6125 Mhz, but Nothing other than MM1EYP when he is about… where are you all?


Hi Tom
As chaser what TG is used for SOTA on DMR ?
73 Éric

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Hi Andy
Thanks ! had this one, I’ve to program my DMR.
I’ve to ask Roger @F5LKW and Gerald @F6HBI
73 Éric

I’ve been considering downloading FreeDV, I would have to order a second sound card, otherwise I already have the necessary cabling that I would need, but I’m not entirely convinced that it would be worth the effort from the SOTA point of view.

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Yes TG973 is dedicated SOTA and wwe can found here some chasers ans activators too;
it is a good mine for “services link”
73 Gerald


I’m QRV now on TG973 DMR with an Revetis RT82 :wink: looking forward on @F6HBI @F5LKW for next activations.
73 Éric

I have been holding off activating the Shropshire 5, as I was planning to tackle them as soon as the challenge begins with my FT1D and a Slim Jim on both 2m FM and C4FM

I will take the VX170 as backup (Thinking Brown Clee and Titterstone, may cause interference issues)

I do have DSTAR and DMR, but with 6 Fusion repeaters in the area, I suspect that those within a 50 mile range, will have a C4FM capabale radio!

Hoping to be out on Sunday 1/3/20, Friday 6/3/20 (PM) and Saturday 7/3/20, best I can do with working full time!


Matt G8XYJ


I am/was planning very similar tactics Matt. Shropshire 5 + NW-060 + NW-049, and also Clywdian 5 + NW-062 with FT70D C4FM handheld in the first week of March. Opportunity may now be restricted though due to work, so at least one of those outings may need to be deferred to a later flavour and manage without the winter bonus points.

Doh! …Good day yesterday on GW/MW-001 with 26 2m FM contacts in the log. I was happy until Frank MW0OFA called me on the way down to say I’d forgotten to do C4FM…must have been pile-up fever…

Sorry I missed you on MW-001 last week Tom. Thanks to all the chasers for yesterday…will do better next time.

73 Allan

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Just checked back on this topic and pleased to see that lots more people have engaged and cast a vote. I see there has been a significant boost in support for D-Star, so it looks like all the main DV modes will be represented to some extent at least.

One of the chasers I was working today mentioned that he was anticipating delivery of a Yaesu FT3E any day now. Just over a week to go to the 2nd Flavour - datamodes - too. Activator and chaser use of FT8 in particular has been building steadily for a while, so it will be interesting to see what further boost the Challenge flavour week offers. If it’s anything like as good as the effect on 80m in January, it should be something to look forward to.

Has anyone tried FreeDV from a portable situation yet? I am thinking along the lines of Windows 10 tablet running FreeDV, normal internal soundcard for RX, G4ZLP MiniProSC for TX, FT-817.

The only socket on my tablet is a “do all” micro USB - so I can’t get my head around the cabling. Maybe need a splitter - unless it will work with the built in speaker and microphone on the tablet?

I’m contemplating much the same setup, and thinking of normal headset plugged into the speaker / microphone socket, and G4ZLP MiniPSC connected between laptop USB and the FT817. I haven’t tried it yet, though…

On my Acer tablet, the micro USB is also the speaker/microphone socket - thus my dilemma!

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