Czech Republic

I am getting vibrations that the long awaited revision of Czech summits will be coming soon. My plan is to travel to France tomorrow. Do I have to change my travel plans and go to Czech Republic?

73, Hans PB2T

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If I had a choice and was not scared to travel due to Covid-19, I would go to the Czech Republic rather than France if I were you Hans…

Enjoy - the chasers will be waiting…

73 Phil G4OBK

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Activate them while you can! I don’t have figures, but the feeling from last year’s trip is that there are a lot of summits that don’t meet p150. Both, OK scenery and OK beer are great.


Already there! Arrived in Regenhütte yesterday; waiting out the rain today; all systems go tomorrow. Can I manage 4 10 pointers in a day?
73 de DL/OE6FEG/P

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I did 5x 10 in a day in October I didn’t leave the hotel till 9am and had a 50min drive on back to front narrow country roads to get to the start. Most points in a day I ever got in Scotland was 14.

Very reminiscent of DM before it was sorted out!


The figures when the much-warned-about update comes will shock you! There will be some new summits though.

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although with this update the sota community will probably loose the majority of summits in OK (my guess is that about 60% to 80% of all czech summits will be deleted) it’s good to hear that this update will be done soon … i’m sure that there will be protest from OK and neighbouring activators, but after the emotions cooled down we can hopefully close the “P150 debate” once and for all.

which associations are still to evaluate besides OK and DL?

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We are aware of some problems with HA and SV, but not as extensive as with OK. All Associations are subject to revision, though, as summits and cols get re-surveyed, and in some cases the points banding is unsatisfactory and will need anything from a minor tweak to complete re-working.

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nice to know this is being considered also

Hi, hello everyone,
it is indicated here that there will soon be major changes in the summits in the Czech Republic.
If I remember correctly, major changes in the case of DM were announced more than a month in advance.
Can anyone communicate the date and detailed scope of changes to OK SOTA?
Thank you Jan OK2PDT


The change will occur at midnight 31-jul-2020, i.e. next Saturday.

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The numbers I recall are 61 new summits and after deletions of the non-compliant summits, a total of 229 summits in OK association.

Dear Andy, could you post a list of 229 hills with identification and coordinates?
Thank you Jan.

Hi all
So far, every Challenge Program has been won by a Czech ham! Why? Because the Czech list of summits is a real joke and in each Challenge Program a summit is a multiplier!
A Czech activator is leader in the ranking of points! Why? Because …
It is a shame that it took years to get this ridiculous list of summits corrected.
It is a shame that none of the Czech hams corrected their list. It is true hamspirit that a non-Czech ham finally made the huge work! Thank you!
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg


No more recriminations, please, or I will close the thread.


You do know there is no overall award for the current challenge, just the association awards?

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The announcement comes rather late. I am glad I raised the issue so that we at least have a few days to prepare. I hope the list will be made available soon.

73, Hans F/PB2T

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1-aug is when it’s definite to be available because there is no such list yet.

There’s lots and lots of disparate data in various files and it all comes together when pushed into the DB.

right now there are 951 qualifying summits in the list …