Chasing Alan NM5S on the Coast to Coast

Alan NM5S recently completed his coast to coast trip last Wednesday 13 September…

I chased Alan on his last summit [G/TW-001] . 7 mhz & CW. I was working but took my kit to work and erected it in the field I was in.

We later met up for a drink when he arrived in Robin Hood’s Bay on the Wednesday. We’d previously corresponded regarding onward travel from the village - I live there.

A very interesting gent and a retired electrical engineer which showed in some of his modifications to a Venus SW3-b to which he’d added an LED SW meter and a small compact radio he’d constructed from a kit. This also contained a small - well tiny would be a better description - paddle. Think about the size of a pencil but only an inch long when pulled out and in use.

He’s been a ham since 1964 so like me he’s no spring chicken and still hill fit.

It was a pleasure meeting up. Not often I get a chance to give some one a QSL card in person.


It was very nice having dinner with Alan in Kirkby Stephen. My wife and I also were doing the Coast to Coast but backwards.

Glad other SOTA ops got to meet up with you @NM5S