Callsign Change on Reflector

Hi All

Having now passed my Intermediate and become 2W0JHE I have updated my SOTA details everywhere apart from on the Reflector as I believe one of the Admin’s will need to do it.

When someone has a chance could they please work their magic.

Many thanks


Done. You probably should log out and back in if you haven’t been hard disconnected anyway. Don’t forget to log in with your new call.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

And congratulations! :slight_smile:


Well done Leigh - congratulations on the new callsign!

Was good to speak to you from GW/SW-041 last year.

73, John M0VCM

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Congratulations Leigh in getting your intermediate licence.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats leigh!

Just curious cause I’m just waiting for my new call to go active did you just change your callsign in the main sota database profile and then request the change via this thread?? Feel free to PM me.

73 de VE6JTW

Yep that’s more or less what I did :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Leigh!

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Congratulations! :champagne:

How did you find the exam? I’ve got the Intermediate book and am waiting for inspiration to strike (and for some spare time to magically appear), but have yet to get myself in gear.

I found the exam to be easier than expected, I’d studied online with OARC.UK and they really helped - I start on their full course this week !

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I’m already on the OARC Discord server, so would probably sign up for their Intermediate course too. The people on there are amazingly helpful and it’s a great source for learning more about all things radio.

Best of luck with the next step!

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I’d recommend their courses - easy to follow and no pressure and like you say as a community they really are very helpful :slight_smile:


Well done Leigh

When you called me on New Year’s day I didn’t realize it was you for a moment, before I realized there can’t be too many ops called Leigh in Monmouth !

Happy New Year too


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I didn’t find Foundation to Intermediate a huge step when I took it just over a year ago. It goes into the technical stuff a bit deeper but there are plenty of example questions available online, plus the excellent book Exam Secrets which you can get on Kindle. It might seem like cheating but exam technique is important and practising by answering example papers is essential in my experience!

Intermediate to Full was a much bigger step for me as it goes into significantly greater depths of circuit design etc.


Good luck! I did it just using the “Advanced” book and doing some practice tests. Can’t say I’d recommend that route. I am sure the support you will get through an online group will a much better way!