Brian G4ZRP now SK

I am desperately sorry to have to inform everyone that Brian Black G4ZRP went silent key on Wednesday evening, June 21st.

As I wrote previously (Brian G4ZRP) Brian introduced me to SOTA. Here are a few pictures of us out activating.

My first SOTA activation October 2006 Tinto Hill GM/SS-064

December 2006 Moel-y-Gamelin GW/NW-042

First SOTA Munro Easter 2007 Ben Vorlich GM/SS-008

WW1 Shell Easter 2007 Meikle Says Law GM/SS-148

September 2007 Raw Head G/SP-016

October 2007 Pikethaw Hill GM/SS-136

November 2007 Moel Famau GW/NW-044

October 2007 Croft Head GM/SS-100

October 2009 The Cheviot G/SB-001

October 2009 Mount HIll GM/SS-277

October 2010 Creag na Ciche GM/SS-284 (Somebody broke wind hence trying not to laugh)

October 2010 The Stob GM/SS-048

October 2010 Carn a’Gheoidh GM/SS-030

September 2011 The Cloud G/SP-015

September 2011 Stiperstones G/WB-003

Brian Black G4ZRP 29th May 1944 - 21st June 2023

RIP Brian.


Thank You Andy. For a wonderful tribute to your Friend Brian G4ZRP. A picture is worth a thousand words. “A true saying”. You have created for him a great visual Epitaph. Paul. M0CQE


He was the poster boy for classic mutton chops. Is there any equal in our community?

Elliott, K6EL


Sorry to hear that Brian G4ZRP is sadly now silent key. It was always nice to work him from the SOTA summits and meet him also a few times at the Norbreck Rallies.

Jimmy M(R)0HGY


I’ll miss Brian. Very friendly and pleasant chap, and a long-time supporter and enthusiast of SOTA.

Curiously, I read this news while loading my gear into a venue on the Wirral!


That is a voice that will be missed!


Such sad news. So many times in my log and a few face to face meetings at the Norbreck Radio Rally. Thank you for the post and photos Andy. Condolences to his family.

Allan GW4VPX

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Very sorry to hear the news, my condolences to his family and friends.

Thanks for posting that splendid set of photos Andy. I will miss Brian’s distinctive voice and friendly manner. As I commented in his birthday greetings, he remains my top chaser. Efficient and to the point during a pile-up, relaxed and happy to chat at other times, it was always a pleasure to hear from him.

73, John M0VCM

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Very sorry to hear of the passing of Brian. It was always nice to work him from a summit, his distinctive voice always cut through the pile up.

Thanks Andy for posting the photo’s, at great tribute and way to remember him.
Roger MW0IDX

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Excellent photos and a very nice way to remember a very nice guy

RIP Brian and thanks for all the contacts.
Neil M0WBG

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Very sad news. Brian was often in my 2m log. He will be missed.
John G4TQE

Such sad news, I met Brian on a few occasions and he’s in my logs on many.

RIP Brian

Victor GI4ONL

Ahhh, desperately sorry to hear this.

I loved our VHF chats in North Wales and the North West of England. Plus meeting at the Norbreck rally.

RIP Brian.

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Sad news indeed. I always enjoyed getting a call from Brian. If he’d just said “Hello” rather than giving his call, I’d have known who it was. A voice that will be sadly missed over the airwaves. RIP Brian.

Many thanks for the super tribute Andy. You’ve lots of great memories there to cherish.



Sorry to hear that. RIP Brian. Always good to hear him calling in.

A nice tribute to Brian, Andy, thank you.

Sorry to learn of Brian’s passing. I had the pleasure of meeting Brian in person a few times at rallies and we had some good chats. A very distinctive accent that will be missed.

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Very sorry to hear this news.

RIP Brian

Thanks Andy,
It can’t have been easy putting that together. You obviously knew Brian more than most of us and well done to him for passing on his knowledge and SOTA techniques to you.

I met him a few times at rallies but I can’t remember the first time. I thought he was a WAB op before SOTA but I can’t find anything to support that.

‘G4ZRP, BRIAN - WIRRAL’ appears in my SOTA activator log 97 times 2006 to 2021. He was great support on 2m and 4m but also on 80-60-40m and once on 160-CW.

I can’t add much to what has already been said above but Brian will be missed. So if Brian’s family read this take solace from the fact that Brian was so well liked and respected by us all. He joins a growing list of thoroughly good ops and human beings in general.

Here below is a photo of Brian from the Blackpool Rally 2007.

…and another of him helping behind the SOTA stand two years later.

Rest in Peace Brian
John G4YSS


We knew it was coming, but I am very sorry to hear the reality. ZRP never accompanied me on activations, you are fortunate Andy. I did however work him very many times on my 330 Wainwright activations in 2012/13. He radiated an excellent 2m signal into the Lakes from the Wirral.
Thanks Brian, SK

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Very very sad news - Brian is in quite a few of my logs and I’ll miss his distinctive call. Rest in Peace G4ZRP!


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