Bob, AC1Z, now has 400 Completes!

Congratulations to Bob, AC1Z, on achieving 400 completes! FB!

Andy, N4LAG


Excellent achievement - and one I’m not likely to ever get… :grin:

It is always great to get Bob in my log. At 83 I find that I can’t hit the trails like I could when I was 63. So I chase summits. I have found that Bob always has an outstanding CW signal and operating technique.


Congratulations, Bob! I’m thinking your current AZ summit tour had a “let’s get some completes” theme. :grinning:


Dave, AE9Q

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Congrats Bob!

Also, thanks for going to 10m consistently :slight_smile:

73 es keep it going!
Scott N4AAJ

Nice job Bob :beers:

Congratulations, Bob. Always great to work you.
73 Gary

Congratulations Bob!

73 Gary k3tcu

No small feat! Congrats and look forward to catching you on a summit again soon.

gl es 73 WE4AUB

Congrats Bob! Always fun picking you up!



Wow, Bob, congrats! Outstanding achievement.

I am content to simply be in the orbit of you and WW4D for S2S ;-).

73 Paula k9ir

Good work, Bob! Those boots ready for a retread yet?
John, K6YK

Congrats Bob!
Nice to hear you here in AZ.

Congratulations, Bob!! Keep it up!

Michael, N4DCW

Congratulations Bob, that’s a great achievement.

Eric VA2EO

Awesome Job Bob!

Congratulations, Bob!

Congrats Bob! Dedication to the completes!

THANK YOU! Since 2014, I sure have enjoyed both chasing and activating in the SOTA program. It is an extra incentive to travel, reach SOTA point goals, see the outdoors and a pleasure to meet other SOTA operators!