Association Updates 1st February 2022

RM updates

This month we see a few RM updates. Welcome to:

  • Weslley, PU1TEE, for PY1/RS
  • Michael, KN6EZE, for W6/SD
  • Libor, OK1DU, for OK/LI
  • Miroslav, OK1CYC, for OK/ST

EA5 management

Many thanks to Alex, EB5AL, who is stepping down as AM (and RMs) for EA5. Welcome to Dani, EA5M, who has agreed to take over.


ZL3 has a new summit – ZL3/CB-860 – Te Hero o Kahukura / Sugar Loaf

VE7 update

We have a total of 755 new summits over three regions:

  • VE7/CS-016 onwards
  • VE7/OK-015 onwards
  • VE7/SC-012 onwards

ON updates

The ON updates previously described have now come into effect:

W5T updates

The W5T updates previously described have now come into effect:


It’s probably going to be worth ON Completers like me going back to Belgium to activate these new summits. The “meddlers” are spread through the continent and not just active in the UK!

Thanks for keeping us up to date Simon @g4tjc.

73 Phil

And I noticed that the OK summits got the winterbonus points assigned now. Some changes were pending since the recent big OK update.
Thanks Andy @MM0FMF

73 Joe

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That was me failing to read the whole update request! The new summits with new bonus period were added but the update to the existing summits was not done. Well it’s been done now and people who were missing bonus points from the first few days in December on OK summits should find things fix themselves when they next enter a new activation.

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Many thanks to all the folks, both on the MT and in BC, Canada, who continue to work on the BC updates. 755 peaks in just 3 regions of the Province! Amazing.
I just flew back from Victoria to Calgary, 90 minutes in the air and most of it flying over fantastic mountains stretching as far as the eye can see on both sides of the plane.

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Checking in on Minesota Association updates, Sam K0YAK has stepped down as the association manager, and I volunteered to be the new manager. Russell Lane W0LMS. Look forward to serving the SOTA activators in Minnesota.


Russell, please check back with us when you have logged activations in Minnesota. There are very few recent activations in that association, overall, so we will go with what we have for the time being. Thanks

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT

Respectfully, root cause of low or no activations is because we have had no active leadership in Minnesota, I am volunteering to do that, I have already started a SOTA Minnesota Association Facebook Group, I also have registered (and paid for with my own funds) for a SOTA table at the local Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo to promote SOTA and increase participation. I developed a plan to present SOTA overview to all the local clubs in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.