1st December 2021 Association Updates

A couple of days late but here’s the notice on the December update.

W5T – Texas

Two main changes:

  • The summer bonus is extended down to all summits.
  • Prominence criterion reduced from 500 feet to 492 feet (150 m), with fresh data from Lists of John.

The latter resulted in 21 new summits. However, a handful of those are near-neighbour replacements for some of the retiring summits, of which there are 6.

These are the retiring refs (ending 2022-01-31):

  • W5T/CI-005
  • W5T/CR-023
  • W5T/DE-006
  • W5T/DW-011
  • W5T/FR-007
  • W5T/GL-015

All the new refs will be valid from 2022-02-01.

There are various other tweaks to names and positions.

(The updated ARM will follow soon)


DM now has bilingual notes for some regions and a new RM pairing for DM/BW – thanks to Marcel DM3FAM and Roman DL3TU. Some summits have had small position tweaks.


LA/AH-002 has been retired.

VP8 name correction

VP8/SG-042 is now “Wilckens Peaks - South”.
We further anticipate that the non-Falklands regions of VP8 will become VP0 some time soon.


As mention by Peter there are some ON updates on the way. The new ARMs are in place and the database changes will follow in time for the changeover.