ON summits changes in 2022

The use of public available LIDAR data, resulted in an update of the ON ARM. Version 5.4 is available as from now on the SOTA Website: SOTA Summits


  • ON/ON-030: new summit (as from 1/2/2022)
  • ON/ON-031: new summit (as from 1/2/2022)
  • ON/ON-017: demoted (valid until 31/1/2022)
  • ON/ON-024: demoted (valid until 31/1/2022)
  • ON/ON-001: height corrected
  • ON/ON-018: height corrected
  • ON/ON-027: height corrected
  • ON/ON-028: height corrected
  • ON/ON-029: height corrected

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this update.

73, Peter ON4UP
ON Association Manager


Too bad about ON-024. I liked that one.

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Me and my dad Tom M1EYP were planning to come back to Belgium (ON) at some-point to activate the remaining SOTA summits there that we didn’t manage to activate during our Benelux trip back in 2019. Unfortunately both ON/ON-017 and ON/ON-024 were SOTA summits that we hadn’t managed to activate and if it wasn’t for COVID19, we may have managed to take trip to Belgium (ON) to activate them 2 SOTA summits. However it is good to hear that 2 new SOTA summits have been found so whenever we do manage to take a trip to Belgium (ON), we will include them 2 new SOTA summits along with the remaining SOTA summits we have left to do there and that new one in Luxembourg (LX) LX/LX-005. Due to the current COVID19 situation at the moment, I feel uncomfortable traveling abroad so activating ON/ON-017 and ON/ON-024 before they are deleted is very unlikely.

Jimmy M0HGY


Hi Peter,

A real pity you demote 2 good sota and bring in a “terril”, it is unnatural and therefor not a real mountain. Belgian Sota is already so small, I wish all terrils would get demoted and real mountains would come in effectively. For sure there’s more in Belguim then “terrils”… …


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Hi Frank,

If you know any ‘real’ summits with 100m prominence in Belgium, please share the info so they can be added to the SOTA program.

73, Peter

Are we not on prominence 150 ?

No, Belgium has P100.

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I activated all the ON SOTA’s. So it’s nice, two new mountains in ON. I am very curious where they are. Then I hope to activate them both soon. I don’t see any info in the database (yet). What is the location of these two SOTA’s?

73 - PA9CW -Tonnie

Hi Tonnie,
they are in the new ARM, page 7 :wink:

ON-030 246 Terril de l’Hougarde (ouest) 50 23 47 N 04 17 51 E 50.39651 4.29745 JO20DJ 1/2/2022 1 point
ON-031 343 Château d’eau de Havelange 50 21 15 N 05 20 40 E 50.35405 5.34432 JO20QI 1/2/2022 2 points




Thanks for the info!

The terril may be difficult to climb, I don’t see any tracks anywhere … but on the other hand, there is a 70 kV powerline nearby, maybe with an inductive loop and a rectifier , you can (re)charge your batteries , HI !

The other one is a water tower along the road with a parking spot just across the street … that should be an easy one.



Just a reminder:

73, Peter

Clicking on teh reference brings up no info for new summits., at least when I click on it. Message is: loading, but nothing happens Please add referene info completely on refletor: name, QTH, points.
Thank you.
73 Patrick ON4BCA

Click on the links Peter posted above.
The summits will (dis)appear automatically on the other pages when their status changes.

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ok, done and seen, thank you

All changes made to the BOS! maps on www.belgiumoutdoorshack.be