Andre Saunders GM3VLB SOTA Award results 2022

Andrew Saunders GM3VLB was a keen island activator. On his death he left a legacy to our radio club (Lothians Radio Society) which was to be used to promote radio activity from Scottish Islands.

The award has now run for its 1st year and the winners are now available.

First place goes to Colwyn Jones MM0YCJ who activated 15 GM/SI summits in 2022.
Second place goes to Matthew M5EVT who activated 8 GM/SI summits in 2022

A total of 29 different people were active from GM/SI in 2022 and special mention goes to Rob, VE3RXH as the activator who was activator farthest from home.

Both Colwyn and Matthew will receive receive a commemorative Quaich and engraved plinth to keep. More details to follow.

The award is running again in 2023 from January 1st to December 31st.

You can read about the rules here.

Please note that this is an award run by the Lothians Radio Society with the approval of the SOTA MT.


This was a nice surprise for a dark January evening. My trip that covered the eight summits is here:

Operating from islands by a boat trip, with a backpack and radio taps into my inner childhood adventurer that (thankfully) never grew up. For mortals with full-time jobs, there is a lifetime of fun to be had on these islands with SOTA without ever needing to revisit a summit. Undoubtedly, you could gain more points, more easily, elsewhere. But for me, the spirit of adventure and fulfillment can’t be beaten on these islands.

The Kilda summits represent the pinnacle of island adventure. I am fairly confident I have the skills to climb them (having on-sighted E3 rock climbs and also got my fulmar initiation badge (if you know, you know)), however, dropping everything for a weather window in September/October with the associated costs makes it problematic. But, it wouldn’t be as rewarding if it was easy…


Thanks Andy,

Yes, as Mathew states a very pleasant surprise. I was helped by friends finishing their round of Munros and Corbetts on Mull and Arran. I had a trip to Islay and Jura with good results and then two visits to Skye where I have done all of the 4 and 6 pointers. Beautiful hills in beautiful places and all highly recommended.

With over 200 summits my total should be easy to beat next year?