22 April 2023 - 12th Trans-Atlantic S2S Event

Diaries out… the next Trans-Atlantic S2S event will be on Saturday 22nd April 2023, core times between 1200z and 1600z, but extended either way to suit personal preferences and conditions.

In the USA, this event will coincide with the QRPTTF event.

In the UK it will be the day before the Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association Rally in Blackpool, so there is an opportunity for a weekend of radio.

Here’s to hoping the bands are running in our favour.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


Hi Gerald

Great news! I have alerted for G/TW-004.



Just one month until this event comes around. It looks like I will be airing the old callsign this time as there will not be enough time to head up to Scotland to activate a unique summit under my main call and attend the rally. Normal service should be resumed for me for the November event.

73, Gerald G8CXK


Hi Gerald,
Looking forward to it already |


This is from the QRPTTF information page:

So it seems that contacts with SOTA CW (5w) activators or SOTA SSB (10W) will be sought after (worldwide - not just in the US) by QRPTTF contestants!

(SOTA activators please enter your contacts with QRPTTF stations in their system so they can cross-check the claimed contacts).

73 Ed.


I plan to be on a summit for this event, but not on until 1400 or so.



I am looking forward to this event as always. I will probably be on my usual summit for the spring event (W4C/US-001) since it has always been good to me for these Trans-Atlantic events.

73, pat


Ed @DD5LP - can you point me in the direction of the webpage you got that screenshot from? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but I need to contact them to point out that the SOTAwatch link is incorrect, and points to an unrelated external site!

Hi Tom,
It looks like the page has been replaced for 2023 on April 8th:
This is what is now there:
2023 RULES (zianet.com)
and no longer any mention of SOTA - rather a shout-out to YOTA this year, who have an activity on the same day.
73 Ed.

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So … it looks like there will be a SOTA Trans-Atlantic S2S event running at the same time as the QRPTTF event.

Is there some kind of “official” SOTA site, or yearly calendar of such events, or a simple info page alerting people to this and other S2S event(s), or is it simply a case of somebody being lucky enough to spot a thread on this Reflector alerting people to the event, and reading the various posts in order to get a “feel” of how it will proceed? …If indeed it will proceed?

Asking for a friend, of course…


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You forgot the wink emoji Rob. :wink:

The event has historically run on the Saturday the QRPTTF event is run, usually somewhere around 20th April. The second event of the year is held on the first Saturday in November. However, these dates have never been set in stone.

Initially when I suggested the event, there was some discussion as to the date, but in recent years less so. The dates seem to suit most activators that are interested in the event, given the weather conditions on each side of the Atlantic.

I usually post a reminder here on the reflector.

73, Gerald

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Yup! :rofl:

OK, Gerald, thanks for the infos, and I’ll keep my eyes open for the November event.

I’ve decided to try out a 20m delta loop for this upcoming event, an antenna I’ve never tried before. I’m taking the article by Roman @DL3TU as a guide, and altering dimensions slightly to shift the centre frequency up from 14.05MHz to 14.25MHz to cover the SSB range.

Wx for Saturday 22nd looks favourable for this neck of the woods, but we all know how forecasts pan out on the day…

Cheers, Rob

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And how! After last Thursday’s fiasco, I’m just hoping I’m not trailing a metre of snow behind me. :grin:

I hope your set up produces some good results Rob. I will probably be using my KX3, MX-P50M amp and Slidewinder vertical antenna which will be a new set up for me. If I hear you, I will give you a quick call… not DX, but there’s always room for a few inter-EU contacts. :grinning:

73, Gerald (will be ooerating ax G8CXK/P)

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And now the forecast has changed to rain for me too. It was bad enough getting clothes, toiletries and radio gear into a case weighing no more than 22Kg without adding wet weather gear!

Too early to trust a weather forecast for 6 days in the future here - but it looks like there are possible showers - but is warmer than it has been and the highest rain possibility is in the afternoon (exactly when I need to be on for contacts into the US because of the clock difference):

Well, it might keep the tourist number at the castle ruins/Summit down a little I guess!

73 Ed.

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Weather permitting, I Will qrv at 12:00utc with kx3, 10watt and a loops for 20-15-10, beaming to North America from an easy summit near my qth.
Fingers crossed.
See you soon!
iw2obx Roberto


Here you go, Ed - something to keep the rain off:


Image:copyright amazon dot com

Don’t forget to peg it down if the wind picks up! :rofl:

Cheers, Rob


Hey, it could be dual purpose - if not needed for rain protection can be used to mount a microwave antenna inside…



Well, weather forecasts around here change so often (as you know), but the current one for Saturday has improved drastically from what was predicted 3 days ago. As always “You never know if you never go” - so I’ll have to take whatever comes in any case but I’d be quite happy if the weather turns out to be something like the current forecast below: