2022 Targets

The only way is to retire. And then do the odd bit of consulting to pay for the expeditions. Well that’s my plan.


I have simple goal - To do better than last year.

So more than:

  • 25 activations
  • 14 new/unique summits
  • 4 new regions
  • 1 new association

Over last three years I was chased from 4 continents, and still missing QSO with South America and Africa. It would be nice to get at least one more.

I also plan to include CW and FT8 in my activation modes.

73 Marek


My targets for 2022?
Get as many winter bonus points as possible (I am sore about missing so many in 2021.)
Get to 5000 s2s points - I am getting there slowly on 5w VHF/UHF, now at 4782.
Get some more winter bonus points.
Reach 300 completes, I am on 293 but this figure moves very slowly as I don’t operate from home so all completes have to come from s2s … and I have to be within range. I have activated over 500 uniques but it is a challenge to chase them especially the NI summits. However I did get my first GI/SM complete a few days ago!
Collect some more winter bonus points.
Reach 4000 different chaser call signs when activating. I’m on 3982 and this is rising steadily - thank to all the new M7 call signs.
Get up some more summits by 15 March for bonus points.
Reach some more activators (remember my 5w and VHF/UHF so I have never contacted anyone outside the All G and EI area) I am on 452 which seems a large number but that is call signs rather than individuals. Most activators operate from different regions at times and that counts a a new activator in my list.
Thank that is all for the moment… oh, did I remember to mention that I want to get some more winter bonus points?? I’m on 861 and this figure seems to climb only very slowly. Possibly because I am not going out enough times in the winter period (because other activities get in the way and/or I don’t like the cold weather!!) Keep on going up those hills and remember that activating should always be fun!
Viki M6BWA


Hi Viki
Have you thought of collecting more winter bonus points?
73 Richard


Mountain Goat and 5,000 S2S points.
I don’t think either are achievable this year realistically.

I’d also like to venture further afield out of G/LD land - GW/NW has been beckoning for quite a while, as has GM land!

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If you could operate outwith the UK then you could follow the bonus points around the world and collect them for over 6months of the year. There are a few associations that have 2 separate bonus seasons making it easier to get bonus points.


Not being retired I’m guessing that is maybe a suggestion for a SAGA tour :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t wish to rain too hard on your parade Mark, but you are now old enough to use SAGA’s services.

I always wondered what SAGA was an abbreviation of, apparently Sex And Games for the Aged when I looked it up just now.

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My goals for 2022:

  1. 30 Munros (Scottish peaks over 3000ft)
  2. Aim to double my activator points total to around the 300 mark
  3. Three Peaks Challenge, with a friend for charity but hopefully will see me activate GM,G and GW associations in a 24 hour period

Ambitious for me but ready for the challenge

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My goals for 2022:

Continue my " TOPS of SOTA AUSTRIA" series:
With 4 out of 9 completed - with some challenging ones are ahead :slight_smile:

  1. 25 Jun 2018 OE/KT-001 Großglockner
  2. 28 Oct 2021 OE/NO-001 Klosterwappen
  3. 29 Oct 2021 OE/BL-020 Rosalienkapelle (Rosalia)
  4. 29 Oct 2021 OE/WI-001 Hermannskogel

  1. TODO OE/ST-001 Hochgolling, 2862m
  2. TODO OE/OE-001 Dachstein, 2995m
  3. TODO OE/VB-001 Großer Piz Buin, 3312m
  4. TODO OE/SB-339 Großes Wiesbachhorn, 3564m
  5. TODO OE/TI-002 Wildspitze, 3768m

Some tours are already planned together with Sylvia OE5YYN and Daniel OE5HDX so keep watching for alerts.

Furthermore to continue my CW training having joined online training with the CW school Graz in November. But dedicating daily training time while big projects starting at my QRL make it a motivational rollercoaster ride already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And if time allows I plan to take part in some of the OE VHF contests mainly from summits in QRP. Just building a lightweight 6 element yagi for 2m.

So plenty of activities to look forward too.

73 Joe


Even I am. The cruise I worked on last year was a Saga cruise - and it was marketed as “Over 50s”. For much of it I was the only member of the band that could have sailed as a paying passenger!

Me too. Going well so far. I think 2021-2022 will be my all-time best winter bonus season in SOTA.

Other targets:

  • Finalise Lockdown route 50 - Lockdown 50 - and do it, backpacking style, 3 summit activations, walking from home (no car).

  • Uniques bagging trip to GM/SS with @M0HGY

  • Resume the 2m Multimode Saturday morning events.

  • Continue the SOTA + football combo outings as I follow Macclesfield FC working its way back up from the lower depths of regionalised non-league football.

  • Resume the SOTA on Tour (SOTA + gig) combo trips as (hopefully) my diary starts to get fuller again as (hopefully) we see the back of the disruption caused by Covid.

  • Plus other personal targets too, which I’m keeping to myself for now so as other people don’t get interested and beat me to them :smiley: - might not be until 2023 in any case.

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My SOTA related goals for 2022:

  • Complete my first CW activation. Chasing is going OK and whilst more practise will always help, I really need to just pluck up the courage and do it.
  • Retirement. Just got to sort out the ramp down with work, started the discussion. Hoping this will open up more travel opportunites!



As a newbie, my SOTA objectives are:

refine my kit - no wasted weight
sort my hilltop logging
improve my operating technique
use different bands & get some CW
build & deploy a range of home brew antenna
get out regularly
do a few overnight camps & see what happens
try for an award if one comes within reach

General targets are:

Learn & use CW
Intermediate Licence (then Full if I get a wiggle on)
Tidy my shack


No courage required. Activating on CW is a lot easier than chasing. You’re in charge! It is also the best practice; it will enhance your CW progress by orders of magnitude compared to traditional “at home” practice.

As many will be bored of hearing me say - don’t practice your CW to do SOTA activating; do SOTA activating to practice your CW!


Thanks Tom, I know in my heart you are right and will give it a go as soon as I can get away in the van.

73 Jonathan

I’m not going to disclose my SOTA targets for 2022 just in case I don’t achieve them :thinking::rofl:. It’s going to be fun anyway…GL everyone.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Most important goal is to enjoy every single activation from the moment I pack my rucksack until the log is uploaded.

Other goals are:

  • Activating as many alpine peaks as possible, ideally more than the eight summits I did last year.
  • Visiting as many of the remaining summits in DM/BW as possible.

73, Roman


Easily said Roman… I parked last Sunday and opened the tailgate. On with boots, packed some fleeces and jackets, checked there was a battery, radio and antenna. All good. Then I noticed no pole attached to the bag… it was in the shack where I had been measuring it and had forgotten to pack it. :frowning:

But I had a lightweight pole in the car that is used for 2m J-pole only. It was pressed into service and survived the strong winds and heavy HF load.

So victory snatched from the jaws of failure. I enjoyed that activation when I had completed it. :partying_face:


You’ve chased me twice on CW and I would never have known you were rusty. So just go for it. I make lots of mistakes sending and I don’t think anyone minds.