2022 Targets

What’s your target for 2022?

Mine is to double my SOTA activation score. I ended 2021 with 128 points having started in 2017. My SOTA activations have been pretty casual. I’ve done the most local summits a few times and have picked up a few on family holidays to North Wales. But since about October, thanks to a change in circumstances, I’ve been taking it much more seriously and so hope to more than double my score this year. Today I started with 5 points on G/NP-032. When I got home my wife said she really enjoyed having the house to herself today so I take that as the green light to many more SOTA outings this year!


My target for 2022 is to do a hill in winter condition and actually get to wear my winter boots and crampons. There was some great weather last year but we were all locked up. :frowning:

Regards the radio side, I just want to keep plugging away on my journey to double Goat.

73, Colin


Finish activating my remaining summits in G and GW. 34 left to go… almost all G/NP and G/LD.


I don’t really have a target for 2022… Perhaps it will emerge in the course of the year from the activations…

What I do have, however, are priorities:

  • As many new mountains as possible
  • As many completes as possible
  • As many s2s as possible
  • do more SSB / CW on 2m.
  • Travel and activate summits in countries that are new to me
  • … sooner or later activate all summits in DM/BW

73 Armin


I have a number of 2022 SOTA targets:
Increasing my HB9SOTA Lowland chasing result from now 125 to 150 would make me very happy.
To reach 1000 unique summits in my chaser log (all time).
To reach by end of 2022 5000 SOTA points in my chaser log, so being halfway to the super chaser award.
Would like to meet in person somewhere in 2022 members from HB9SOTA.
All the above with my 5W QRP and 3m long whip antenna


Hi there
My target for 2022 is to do some winter bonus activations using my new touring skis in and possibly outside Switzerland, and then of course to bag my 2nd mountain goat.
And I look forward to activating some more uniques!
73, Fritz

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Round numbers are always nice to aim for, so I’d like to reach 1500 total activator points (from current 1378) and 500 winter bonus points (from current 441). Doing that would also take my activator points (without the bonus) to over 1000 (currently 937).
(Edit: 500 winter bonus points is not possible in multiples of three, of course, I’ll settle for exceeding 500 :smiley: )

A little more quirky, I notice that I have activated Corndon GW/MW-013 on 160m, 80m, 20m, 17m, 4m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm and 13cm.
So, I’d like to add 40m, 30m, 15m, 12m, 10m and 6m for a full house. This will mean little to anyone else, but seems like a fun thing to do, representing all the bands that I’m equipped for.

And I’d like to activate at least one new unique…

Mostly, I aim to get out more than I have over the last two years!



My two targets are 1000 unique activations (currently 994) and 1000 SOTA Completes by November when I am 70 years old (currently 979).

If anyone can activate these summits I have already activated and I get the chaser QSO I will get to the 1000 quicker:

VK2/CT-003 VK2/CT-043
VK2/IL-001 VK2/IL-005
GM/SS-272 GM/SS-289
CT/BA-020 CT/TM-048
EA6/IB-007 EA6/IB-009 EA6/IB-011

In Chasing I want to reach the 200,000 points but I cannot see me reaching that figure in 2022 as I need over 15000 points and I try to prevent allowing Chasing SOTA to rule my life :grinning:

73 Phil G4OBK


My targets - Continue to enjoy SOTA and…Finish off the G/NP hills - 4 to go but Whernside is being saved for a summer activation … Complete more of G/LD and certainly try to get as many of the 20 LD complete targets as possible, 500 Activator points ( already on 403 so that really should be possible ) and 1000 S2S points? ( At 571 so ought to be possible if I spend enough time on the nearby summit of Burnhope Seat…). To do as many hills during the family holiday on Mull as I can get away with … and the non SOTA one of getting that last confirmed country for a DXCC… Longer term I’d like to activate more of the hills I have chased… so chasing Fraser in the Cairngorms may well have some consequences with a long drive and a long walk! :slight_smile: Paul


I started in mid 2020 and am up to 260 points. I want to reach 400 by the end of 2022 and manage at least one CW-based activation.

Edited: Mistyped year I started. It was not 2021, but 2020.


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I’d be delighted to work you from either of the VK2/IL summits mentioned, I have activated them both several times and if we get some decent LP propagation and time it right, it is quite feasible. We had frequent contacts on 20m in 2013-2015.

VK2/CT-003 and -043 are a bit further away for me, but activations there are on the cards for this year too. Those complete scores are excellent pre 70th targets.

I’d like to reach 2k activator points by my 73rd birthday in June. But I’ve had to withdraw from a big weekend coming up in February due to some current personal health issues (angina) and the Omicron spread taking over VK2 and VK3. So although there are only 182 points to go, that’s almost my annual average.

However I am going to try and follow Wade VK1MIC’s example and make a birthday activation where I make at least the number of contacts equal to my age. This year’s birthday being such an auspicious number in amateur radio, the incentive is even greater. Might have to start early in the winter morning though…

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


The contract for ZL4NVW’s 2022 SOTA goals hasn’t been finalised yet, but … the latest draught goes something like:

i) Take some time to make some significant deposits at the favour bank to make up for all the time spent playing SOTA and chasing that goat in the last 2 months of 2021 and being almost entirely absent from home!

ii) Focus back on the 1 day or overnight trips that were my motivation for getting into SOTA. I need no excuses to go off on a week long mission in the hills with or without a radio - but SOTA gives the motivation for shorter (less disruptive to everyone else) day and overnight trips.

Hence focus this year on ‘quality over quantity’:

  1. Focus on researching and activating 10-pointers - with the target of 1x10-pointer per month.

  2. Start on activating the ZL3 001’s - as suggested in another thread.

  3. Aim to complete the year with a point-average of 9 or more (and at least 8).

Hopefully that should be challenging - without being as all-consuming as last years 1-year goat was.


HI Andrew

Thanks for your thoughts on visiting the summits I activated in VK2 NSW when I was there in 2018, but missed out on chasing. We were staying with family in Sydney, and I set up the old FT-857D I had at the time, as a chaser in their house and also used that 857D for the ten activations I did - the majority with Gerard VK2IO with a few on my own. I’m hopeful that I might chase you on a few of those I need as HF conditions continue to improve.

73 and good DX

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Hi Phil, I too would love to work you as a chaser.

Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Phil

Just to give you the heads up on GM/SS-289. Jack GM4COX is planning this for the 13/1/2022 at 13:00. BUT you may need a higher frequency than your normal operations. 2320.3MHz he will probably use 145.400MHz for talkback.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

Hi Andrew
SOTA Spotter just alerted me to Compton’s VK2HRX activation now on VK2/IL-001 on 40m SSB. Wrong time, wrong band for me to get the SOTA Complete! Such is life…
Goodnight, from England where it’s 23:42 in the evening…
ScreenHunter 725

73 Phil G4OBK

Thanks Andrew for tip off. Not just frequency but distance also, makes this impossible! Top Band CW is more my bag. The activator is KING!

73 Phil

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My Goal for 2022 is about 46 summits again, probably most of them will be a tag team with Hugh as we share the fuel and travel/ accoms for most of our expeditions. Some will be one day drive outs for two summits and only about 6 are drive ups the rest we hike from the parking spot.
Hugh is over 600 points now but another couple years will be enough to Old Goat for him and I should be well over half my second MTG. For one season of SOTA for Hugh and I is over 8000 km of driving and 180km of hiking so plenty to get the teeth into on that 46 odd summits. I am working on permission for 2 new summits next winter but still negotiating with the land owner re access to the summits. If we can gain access it will mean 5 summits in the same area and make it worth while to travel out and over night stay in that area as well. Bit like any challenge in life stick at it and you get there.
Have a good 2022 season everyone.
Ian vk5cz …


Hi Phil,

Yes I think our best chance is at or near our sunset around 0900, long path to you would be the best option I think. I think an assault on several summits in the VK2/CT area is possible in the next month and that will probably produce the best conditions for a contact.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


This year’s target is to get MG and hopefully a new association if work resumes travel for us all. Currently at 868 points, so definitely feasible.

I have too much annual leave accrued, and recent work changes mean I also have to work occasional weekends which give me three days in lieu afterwards, so it might be a rare occasion to be at work this year too :slight_smile: All this is aligning for some more SOTA expeditions (but no doubt work will still get in the way…)