VIDEO: OE5JFE on Hochgolling, OE/ST-001, Tops of SOTA OE

Hello everyone,

The next chapter in my Tops of SOTA OE challenge 2022 Targets - #31 by OE5JFE
is completed. My goal is to activate all the highest summits in all the OE associations and this is the report of number 5 out of 10. Austria has only 9 areas but Tyrol is split in OE/TI and OE/TL so I will do OE/TL-001 as a bonus :wink:

As part of my approach to Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2022 I did a swing over to OE/ST Styria. The so called green heart of Austria.
The highest SOTA summit is Hochgolling with 2862m and I took the approach from Gollinghut making it an manageable ascent of about 1200 m with a T4 difficulty rating.

Weather forecast was indicating thunderstorm from about noon onward so I got breakfast at 6:00 in the morning and was trying to make a fast approach. That was a wise decision but see for yourself in the video. What made it remarkable was that I met Joao @CT2GSN and Daniel @DM1DF on air and then a week later in person at Friedrichshafen Ham Radio :+1:

And unfortunatly I did not record the QSO but I have very happy to get chased by Andy @OE6ADE on 2m FM and got invited to visit at the campsite in the town Schladming. He was staying there with his son to do some mountainbiking. It was good fun chatting for 3 hours about SOTA and summits and getting served coffee and great food. Thanks Andy :partying_face: it was a pleasure to meet you.


and some pictures:
Greifenberg OE/ST-008 in view

Gollinghütte next day morning

Hochgolling OE/ST-001 in the morning sun

View up to Gollingscharte (saddle in the background

Path is getting steep and narrow (T4 rating)

Summit reached after 3h 12 min

Operating setup 20 m with vertical antenna

Still nice wx

And 30 minutes later a not so happy activator in the rain with thunder rumbling nearby …

Hope you will enjoy the video and thanks for all QSO.

73 de Joe


Hello Joe, I did enjoy your video and photos. Pity about the change in weather.

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks for sharing this adventure Joe !

Safety first - have experienced similar situation (actually in DM/BM, at much less height) where a thunderstorm was approaching at the end of the ascend - that was the rare case making only very quick four QSOs on 40m and then run down in the rain.

Beautiful landscape and a high quality video as always. 73 andy DL2DVE/P

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Cracking pictues Joe and some great views in the video. Well done!


Thanks Geoff, but the bright side was to enjoy the cosy hospitality of the mountain hut serving warm meals and cold drinks.

Thanks Andy for sharing. I was constantly monitoring what was going on so that I retreat from the summit. Definitly not fun when the wx changes so quickly.

Thanks a lot Fraser. I really enjoyed the adventure exitement and the filming on both days.

I watched this last night, and then I watched two non-hams climb up Hintere Karlsspitze (OE/TI-997) via an extreme ridge climb, and it makes the Aonach Eagach look very easy!

I’m always appreciative when I get a S2S from the Alps as I know my walk up the hill might as well be a walk around the car park compared!

Keep them coming!

Hello Joe!
Thanks for the nice video. You reminded me how I activated OE/ST-001 in 1.9.2015 . I had nice stable weather all day. I started in the second valley of Goriach from the south at 5 in the morning and it took me about 5 hours to reach the top. I also made S2S contact with friends in S5 on 2m.

73 Marko S57MS

Hi Joe,
Good Job and well done SOTA at Hochgolling!
Thanks for great video.
Toru Kawauchi JA1CTV / JH0CJH

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Thanks Paul for the motivating comments. Hintere Karlspitze indeed looks like a good challenge. My hike was definitly easier. Everything is relative I guess.
And the next video will be from OE/OO-001 so more Tops of SOTA OE :+1:

Hello Marko, Great that I brought back some memories from your first activation of this summit. The approach from the south is also very nice. 2m was very poor even for a public holiday but I fortunatly brought HF.
Btw. I learnt that one is allowed to take the mountainbike and bike in quite a bit from the south (Göriach). Then start from there. But that would have been quite a detour for me.

Thank you Toru and everyone that watched the video

73 Joe

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Hi Joe, is making videos going to become a new vocation for you; you are very very good at it . :grinning:

Geoff vk3sq

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the flowers :smiling_face:
Not aiming for a new vocation but I enjoy making films when I am in the mood. And this is my critera. It has to stay fun and not become a must. I like my day job so the hustle of beeing a YouTuber does not sound like something I would want.


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Cograturations Joe,and thanks for the exiting video.
You walk very fast!
It was very scary when thunder was coming near… and good to be back safe.
BTW I put my poles upside-down between my back and the backpack when climbing down the ladders.
Cheers, Atsu

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Hello Joe @OE5JFE. Thanks for the again interesting and exciting video report and the pictures of your special activation :mountain: :+1: Continue to have fun, always come back down healthy and see you soon again in a QSO.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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