VIDEO: OE5JFE on Hoher Dachstein OE/OO-001 - Tops of SOTA OE - With KidsDay Special QSOs

Hello everyone,

This time I will take you on a special activation that is dear to my heart in multiple ways. It is the highest summit of the federal state that I was born in - Upper Austria OE/OO.

And in addition Gerhard @OE5PGM and Georg OE5GHO organized QSOs from the Fieldday at the castle Prandegg. Contacts with 2 young operators using the chance to get on the air during KidsDay were a great surprise and videos from their side are also included (written permission by the parents was granted).

This is of course part of my Tops of SOTA OE challenge. Another chapter in my Tops of SOTA OE challenge 2022 Targets - #31 by OE5JFE
is completed. My goal is to activate all the highest summits in all the OE associations and this is the report of number 6 out of 10.

  1. 25 Jun 2018 OE/KT-001 Großglockner
  2. 28 Oct 2021 OE/NO-001 Klosterwappen
  3. 29 Oct 2021 OE/BL-020 Rosalienkapelle (Rosalia)
  4. 29 Oct 2021 OE/WI-001 Hermannskogel
  5. 16 Jun 2022 OE/ST-001 Hochgolling, 2862m
  6. 18 Jun 2022 OE/OE-001 Dachstein, 2995m
  7. TODO OE/VB-001 Großer Piz Buin, 3312m
  8. TODO OE/SB-339 Großes Wiesbachhorn, 3564m
  9. TODO OE/TI-002 Wildspitze, 3768m
  10. Bonus; Haidachstellwand OE/TL-001 - just because Tyrol is split in two assoziations

I wanted to do this hike actually without using the cable car but I could not get a place at the hut up there. So I went for the “easy” version and took the cable car early morning just two days after my Hochgolling activation

One crosses the glacier on a secured path to the starting point of the via ferrata. Harness, helmet and set on up to the summit. Early morning ment that not so many people were there but it got busy a bit later.

But see for yourself in the video report:

And here some pictures:
View over glacier to summit

View down to cable car station and Seethaler-Hütte (front)

Travere over to Randkluft Via Ferrata

Summit reached

Activation with handheld - looking down the 1000m southern flank

Kidsday QSO to Sarah and Raphael supported by Gerhard and Georg

And 20m SSB with DIY 3D printed vertical (loading coil and buddy-pole spare antenna telescope)

Thanks for all the contacts. Plenty of reach from that altitude on 2m FM.

As there was time I did also the activaiton of OE/OO-002 with is about one hour from the plateau. I did not include it in the video but a picture from the summit cross.

and again the setup with the DIY vertical

I hope you enjoy the tour
73 de Joe


Thanks Joe for another fantastic video. Tell me, who put those ropes in for climbers to use. Must take some maintenance. Very pretty views at the top too. What I noted was the amount of people climbing the mount. Also, who put the cross up at the top.
A very interesting video and very enlightening. Nothing like that in VK.

Take care and stay safe.

cheers, Geoff vk3sq

Hi Geoff,

I can’t exactly tell who has put up the cables there. But on Dachstein one of the worldwide first climing aids were installed by the alpine pioneer Friedrich Simony in 1843.

Historially the word “Via ferrata” (Italian for Iron path) - originates from the First World war. There Austria and Italy battles at the border which is an alpine ridge. Steel cables and tunnels on both sides of the battle allows the soldiers to move while being hidden from shelling.

Now alpine clubs, local tourism assoziations and so on maintain and build those climbing routes. They need to go thru a yearly inspection and if required repairwork.

Also the installation of a lot of summit crossed is related back to World War 1. Soldiers that returned from war installed a lot of crosses to thank god for their survival. But it was quite common also before that.
For Dachstein this is dated back to 1836 were a group lead by the brothers Gappmayr and Professor Peter Carl Thurwieser installed the first wooden cross. On the actual cross I did not find any info online. But the alpine Hut “Austriahütte” at the southern flank of the mountain has a museum. I will check next time there if I recall.

73 de Joe


Joe arbeitet sich durch die Top Summits of Austria! :slight_smile: Gute Wege und weiterhin viel Spass damit.

OE/TL summits gab es nur, weil damals die Anzahl Summits von TI nicht ausreichte. Ich habe mich aber auch schon ertappt, darauf zu schauen, wo es solche hat. Im Urlaub eben kam dann einer auf die Liste, und die Haidachstellwand habe ich auch schon angeschaut. Ich habe aber zu wenig Urlaub, hi.

Enjoy und vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Danke Markus. Die spannende Frage ist danach? Was dann :thinking:

Mir ist schon klar warum es die OE/TL-001 gibt. Deswegen auch als Bonus “Draufgabe”. Scheint auch eine sehr lohnende Tour zu sein also warum auch nicht.
Ich hab auch zu wenig Urlaub und die Gletschersituation macht es heuer auch nicht einfach.
Vermutlich wird übernächste Woche noch das Große Wiesbachhorn aktiviert. Aber da muss das Wetter für mind. zwei Tage stabil sein.

73 Joe


Thanks Joe, much appreciated :+1:

cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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Great video and my school German from 1963 helped me hear some of the contacts too. Great to see the kids enjoying talking over the radio and using phonetics from the guide sheet. Thanks for all the work capturing, editing and posting.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

Thanks Andrew. Good job if you managed to follow along. Austrian dialect is not that easy to understand.
Indeed they had good fun. Sarah was actually calling CQ Kidsday later several times. I think everyone had a better day because of that activity.

73 de Joe

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Hi Joe,
No I didn’t really get much, apart from reports, which are just numbers but I did hear the differences even there. Having the callsigns spelled out with phonetics was very helpful too!
Perhaps another few years studying the language would help me hear more! But currently trying to work on French and Spanish.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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