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What type of chair do you use?


I use a piece of closed cell foam cut from one of my old camping pads. Its light-weight, reasonably comfortable, and nearly indestructible (it has survived hundreds of night of sleeping and thousands of miles strapped to the outside of my pack).


Yes, I am about to prepare a pad from the same type of foam. I will be adding eyelets to it so that I can peg it down and it will be taped with dayglo tape. I have had a pad go AWOL while away from the operating position changing the links on the dipole. Scotland (where I usually operate) is windy as well as wet! I now have my tarpaulin sheet marked with dayglo tape to assist with locating it should it make a similar break for freedom…


Mostly I use a piece of closed-cell foam pad for its lightness and warmth in winter. However if I’m going to be operating for a while, I have a Helinox table and chair that are very light and strap to a pack easily - very comfortable operating.




I use same Decathlon tripod chair, is not the most lighter but I had one 8 years ago and no problems.


Normally, I do not use a chair but rather an insulating foam pad, like this one:

35 g, hi.

But for ultra-light camping and summer activations that will be a bit longer, I sometimes take this foldable chair:

It is only 250g and really small, yet a big improvement over sitting on the ground. I also often carry this with me for train rides in busy seasons, for it will turn a ride in an overcrowded ICE train into a much more acceptable experience as compared to standing or sitting on the floor.



I got a free foam kneeler from screwdriver. Looks and feels good but haven’t been out to test it yet


I use an inflatable pillow for camping.At least it is a softer seat than the floor


Hi Grant and All

I use the Helniox Ground Chair from http://www.helinox.com.au/lightweight-camping-chairs/ground-chair, I believe Kathmandu are now selling something similar

Keeps my bum up off the ground and lets me lean back etc. the radio can sit on my lap or the logbook, packs down small and doesn’t weight much

Not an original idea by me, as I saw (the next size up) from Mat VK2DAG on his blog site.

73 and happy hunting


I had a blow up cushion for several years until my Friend Roger got up to swap the links on our dipole and it became a blow away cushion. Last seen hurtling down the gully in a wind I had never experienced on a summit before. Was thinking of some high density foam next.
CZ …


My current chair, as modelled by my friend from Glossop.


Could you include a picture of the mule you use to transport your equipment Steve. I’m thinking of upgrading myself :wink:


I guess Steve’s solution is as close to my solution as anyone else has come, but my floating lounge chair weighs much less! The only problem is that I sometimes have a hard time deciding whether I should activate or take a nap. :wink:


Brilliant! Sadly there are few summits over here where that approach would be practical.


Thankfully we still have a lot of trees here on the east coast, but I sorely (pun intended) miss the hammock on treeless summits. I have used many of the solutions in this thread but most leave me sore and stiff after a long activation. Still looking for the ultimate activation chair myself…

73, pat


Usually, no chair, but a small cushion - actually a padded sleeve sold as a tablet sleeve.


I always try to carry one or two pieces of foam mat; the firm stuff usually used for camping bed rolls and the like. If I have the space and weight I also carry an Alite Mayfly folding chair. It folds down to about 30cm by 10cm by 10cm, and weighs 750g.


check out Sawyer brand Permethrin to spray on your clothing and backpack… works very well keeping ticks away…

Richard /// N2GBR


No mule transport required. The chair is carried in one hand, no doubt balanced by the barbecue complete with gas canister in the other. Or are you carrying a lucky anvil, FMF style, nowadays Steve? :grinning:


I have a bunch of lightweight camp chairs (including the awesome Helinox Beach Chair). However, my go to SOTA pad is the Therm-a-rest Z Seat Pad. Quick, easy and comfortable. My wife brings a Helinox for her, but I just use the Z Seat. If we were going to make a day of it I would bring the Helinox. However, the Z Seat is the way to go for quick and light.

Z Seat in action - Arches NP

73, de Jim/K7MK


I want to know why nobody has a Sedan Chair and a bunch of sherpas to carry them. Valid for SOTA, the final ascent is still person powered albeit not the activator!