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What type of chair do you use?


I have done more than 700 SOTA activations: Not a single time did I think about taking a chair up a summit!

This funny thread tells me it is November, nasty WX and no winter bonus yet.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP


Who needs a chair???

OE5YYN on OE/ST-065



Yup, that’s me most of the time. But kneeling on a Z seat or gloves. I use the same pack for SOTA and as my SAR 24 hour pack, so I always have a “vehicle sunshade” which is reflective on both sides and usually foam / bubble wrap sandwiched in between. It works great for splinting and a barrier from the ground.
Look here http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/vehicle-sunshade-0374854p.html#srp


I made something like this. Nice and light!


My station in its entirety is the tiny MTR radio attached to which is the key and log such that I stand up, never sit, certainly wouldn’t carry a chair up peaks. - fred KT5X (aka WS0TA)


Saw this in a hunting catalog that some folks might find useful. Designed for turkey hunters, it’s a vest with a few pockets that also has a ground seat with side braces built in. Can’t vouch for the quality, etc., and have no financial interest (unless the wife catches me buying one). Looks interesting, though. Link has some pictures of it in use.

The link:


Mike, N4VBV


ALPS OutdoorZ is a sister brand of ALPS Mountaineering. I’ve used gear from the latter and it is well-designed and well-made. They have a special discount program for Boy Scouts and other scouting organizations in the US. My son used a pack and sleeping bag from them for his first several years on the trail.

If you activate a lot, you might qualify for their “Pro Tester” program (different from “protester”, I guess). http://www.alpsmountaineering.com/alps/protester

Former Scoutmaster, Troop 14, Palo Alto, CA