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WG0AT NA's latest Mtn Goat


Congratulations to Steve WG0AT for achieving Mtn Goat during today’s activation of W0C/FR-029. Thanks for all the points over the years Steve.

73 Rich N4EX


Great job Steve, thanks for all your activations. You got me into SOTA chasing. Great time chasing everyone.
72 GL


It’s great to see one of the true NA SOTA pioneers become Colorado’s 9th MG! Steve has been activating peaks since 2010 along with fellow pioneers KT5X and N7UN (perhaps there are more). Great job and way to hang in there to get to the MG level my friend! You’re inspired many of us to continue down your path.

73, Brad


Congrat’s Steve,

Thanks for getting me interested in chasing and activating.

Did we work you while you were using your new bone key??


Rich - N5ZC


Super cool Steve! I was pretty excited to work you on 40, also wondering if you were using the bone key?

Keith KR7RK


Congrats Steve, Peanut would be proud. You continue to inspire us all.
Gary W5ODS


Congrats Steve on Mountain Goat status. Sure glad I could be a part of the chasers that worked you for this event.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Congratulations Steve on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


And well deserved. Always a pleasure to work you.

Best 73, Ken
Make that: Baaaaaa, 73!


Way to go Steve! You’ve been a great motivator for the rest of us Chasers/Activators with the videos/audios and many contacts. Tnx much.
Hoping for a lot more.
Vick k7vk


Congratulations Steve, well done…73, Mike AD5A


Congratulations Steve. You have been a big contribrutor to SOTA with all the You Tube videos and podcast interviews. It was one of your videos that got me started chasing.
73, Charlie, K0LAF


Congratulations, WG0AT NA’s latest Mtn Goat

Greetings from;
KP4RV - Rafael


A hearty congratulations, Steve.

It goes without saying that you have done tons to raise awareness of SOTA and the fun of it through your Youtube videos and FaceBook photo posts. A labor of love and enjoyed broadly!

Hope to see you during the CO 14-er event this year.



Congratulations, Steve! I wish I could have worked you today, but I couldn’t hear you at my QTH… Dave


Congrats Steve! Now you can officially join the herd! Baaaa!

First SOTA-brew is on me, buddy!



Congratulations Steve! And thanks for your many contributions to SOTA.

73 and Baa,

Mike - ke5akl


A SOTA legend! Congratulations, Steve.
Nice to have worked you a few times over the years.

Merle and Herm
Madison, NH


For the record . . . Mt. Goat # 2 by one day was Doug, W1DMH, our fellow NH SOTA activator, and responsible for addicting us.
Merle and Herm
Madison, NH


Congratulations Steve and Peanut, well done… Eva HB9FPM and Andreas HB9JOE