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WG0AT NA's latest Mtn Goat


About 5 years ago I saw on You Tube this fella and a couple goats out portable after I did a search for QRP operations with an ic 703 which I had at the time . What’s this SOTA I wondered well another search found me a tractor, but after some more investigation I found Summits On The Air. Emailed off to them and found Wayne had just finished setting up the vk3 association and he kindly offered to help me map vk5 the rest is history. Thanks Steve and most of all congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat yourself and I am sure many others started their SOTA hikes and chases because they saw your You Tubes .
Regards from Ian vk5cz …


Congratulations Steve. So very happy for you. Hope you post a video later on. Tried to work you but with my dipole and lousy band condx , had no luck. Have a great day! de Scotty KG3W


Congrats Steve !
Couldn’t work you from EU but followed the spots. Glad you made it !
73 - Luc ON7DQ / KF0CR


I keep following your adventures on FB but, unfortunately, haven’t been able to work you so far :disappointed:

73 Sylvia OE5YYN


Congratulations Steve well done,look forward to getting you in the log again. 73 Don G0RQL.


Fantastic! Congratulations Steve. 73, Malcolm VE2DDZ


Congratulations Steve and thank you for all you’ve done promoting SOTA!
Jordan WC6J


Hey Steve… Makes no sense to me to say or think that a Goat is now officially a Goat… Whatever the case OM, Congrats on your achievement, well done.

73, BAA


Congratulations, Steve! Watching your videos got me interested in SOTA back in 2011, and the bug bit hard. Thanks for all of your dedication to SOTA. You and the goats have inspired me, and my life will never be the same.

Phil, NS7P


Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than the guy who is associated world wide with pack goats for his climbs, especially up Mt Herman, where I chased him over 75 times. Congrats, old friend.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT


Congratulations Steve!

I still remember our first SOTA contact…I felt like I just worked royalty! I told my wife I just worked the “Goat Hiker” from YouTube fame!

Thanks, Walt NE4TN


Way to go, Steve!

It is interesting that Steve’s been putting summits on the air way before there even was a Summits On The Air (SOTA) program.

73, Bob K0NR


Congratulations Steve, well deserved.



Steve, Congratulations on becoming an official Mountain Goat! I have enjoyed working you from the summits 14 times to date, including one S2S contact we made. I’ve enjoyed the many Facebook photos and YouTube videos, too. It’s sure great to see you reach the 1,000-point level of MG! 73 and see you on the summits. Baaaaaa!

Paul K9PM


Congratulations, Steve!! Well done.

  • 73, John, N0TA


Congrats Steve,
As far as I’m concerned, you were always a Mountain Goat, but now it’s recognized as official with points!
I’ve always enjoyed chasing you and watching your many trip videos. The Colorado “Gang” continues to amaze me with their hiking prowess and exploits and you’re definitely one of them, one of earlier SOTA pioneers from that area. Well done Steve, you’re a credit to the hobby and SOTA North America.

Dennis - WA2USA


Congratulations, Steve!



Others have commended your many contributions to Ham Radio and SOTA. Indeed you have inspired many of us!

What really needs to be said here is that you’re a sort of multi-media artist, blending your experiences hiking with pack goats, activating all kinds of summits, making videos, building your own radios, and coming up with new creations or applications constantly.

I give my personal thanks to you for your early first activations of interesting, seldom-climbed peaks in the Puma Hills and the Lost Creek Wilderness. “Your” SOTA peaks have inspired me to do the challenging hikes required to experience these summits and their related canyons - where we’re not really alone, but surrounded by amazing wonders and intense peace.

Good Luck as you go forward with your amazing journey through time and space -




Congrats, Steve. Tnx for the pics and videos of those wonderful Western summits…it’s a real treat for a guy like me who has always lived on the coast just a few feet above sea level…de bill w4hbk


Well done Steve… Welcome to the herd…

Richard // N2GBR