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Thoughts on pop up tents?


I wished for one when I was sitting in the rain on Mt Wellington last week. Other pics from the 3 activations in VK7 are on my blog at vk1da.blog.


Here is me in my pop up shelter, sets up in about 10 seconds. Also fits in my pack.



Mork calling Orson… Mork calling Orson :slight_smile:


Thats interesting - All the ones I’ve seen on-line only fold up into a circle with a diameter of around 18" or 20" inches. How wide is that one when its collapsed - or do you simply bend it even more tightly to get it into a rucksack?


I haven’t measured it but it can’t be more than 14" in diameter. It fits in my pack just barely and has been a lifesaver when it is below freezing and 30 MPH winds. That picture was taken on a nice sunny day with temps around freezing.


Where did you get it from?



Over the last few days, I’ve become a big believer in bothy bags, especially for winter activations.

I received from Summit Gear a/k/a JDS Components the 2 person bothy bag I ordered last year (it shipped/arrived fast, just could use better comm from the seller!). As ER gear it is fine, but at home I struggled to set it up so I could operate comfortably from within.

During prior winter activations, I frequently have had to go QRT after about 30 minutes due to frozen fingers and shivering. Given my struggles at home with the bothy, I’d been lazy to take the time to set up in the field. On my recently concluded activation trip, I used the bothy on 4 summits. It made all the difference in the world! I was able operate without gloves, my operating time doubled, I didn’t feel the wind, and the temp difference was very noticeable once I took the bothy down.

Here’s how I set it up: the other “person” in the bothy is my tall day pack. I try to position it against something to keep it upright - a tree, a snowbank - opposite from where I will sit. I tuck one end of the bothy under my seat pad, and the other side behind the day pack. While not perfect, this approach has worked pretty well, and allows me to access the inside of the pack so I can set up the station while protected.

I prefer using the bothy for its simplicity over other options I’d considered - no stakes or ropes or particular shape needed. I’m sure I’ll get better at setting it up the more I use it.

73 Paula k9ir


I ended up using this for my last 3 activations, all in strong winds + 25 - 30mph and around freezing. Its a simple 8ft X 8ft tarp or perhaps a little bigger, I had already.
I discovered plenty of videos on how to turn one of these into a shelter. It turns out to be amazingly simple and quite robust and you only need one walking pole or similar.

Advantages = i already owned it!, its robust, there’s plenty of room to get me and all my kit inside, isn’t bright orange (I’m shy - sort of!) adequate head room. Easy to put up in windy conditions

Disadvantages, probably heavier than bothy bag, needs a support, needs windward side weighting down as the wind can get under it. Needs relatively level site and probably won’t work on large bouldery ground.

But I’m still looking for that pop up tent that fits in a normal rucksack!


Hi Dave
I have been using the SIL HEX PEAK V4A total weight is about 1.5kg with the additional tarp pole, purchased it about a year ago and used it quite a few times for overnight trips. I also got the inner for future trips up North in the summer if you leave this at home it’s 600g less to carry.
Easy to put up even during the night and seems robust still in one piece with no rips or damage to stitching. You can use a hiking pole for the inner pole to reduce cost.