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SOTA Paddle ??


image Can’t get the link to display properly but saw this:- Chinese and only $40 approximately.


Have seen them on ebay but I don’t know of anyone buying or using one. Might be better than the larger version I have had for a few years. But only due to being smaller. Would still need to have the mass to prevent sideways slippage when you slap the paddles…

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Hi Andrew,

I bought something that looks very much like this but it uses steel wires (thin pins) in plastic bearings - the same plastic as the rest of the box. Ugh. Inside the build quality is commensurate with a low price.

I now use a bigger and heavier brass two paddle key with a steel ball bearing.

The only problem during activations that I have had was when a small bug crawled into the dash contacts and I lost my dash(es) until the crushed body was removed. I am wondering if I need a snug cover.



Hi Ron

No, you don,t need a cover, just a bug key!!

Kind regards


I have used this one for 2 years now.


I have been using this and clipping to my writing board. It also comes with a set of loop and hooks.


Kent K9EZ


Well that’s a “bugger”, were your hopes for an incident free activation “dashed”?!?!?!

Sorry, that’s the level I’m working at today. I’m afraid that my jokes don’t get any better than that!!!

Somebody would have probably piped up and said it if I didn’t and I’m sure some that at least a few people were thinking it!

I’ll get my coat!!!