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Sota Mountain Goat HB9FZC


Hallo Carine,
Gratuliere zur Bergeis und Alles Gute 73/88
Heinrich IW3AGO


Liebe Carine, Gratuliere !!! Alles Gueti. Andy und Eva.


Hallo Carine alles Gute zu den ersten 1.000 Punkte und nur weiter so.

LG makus


Herzliche Gratulation, Carine – eure «Kampfwandertour» im Wallis hat sich gelohnt! :sweat_smile:
vy 73, Manuel


Well done Carine on reaching MG status, Always a pleasure to contact Rene & you.
73’s Ken


Hallo Carine,
congratulations to MG. Thanks for the QSOs.
73 Jan OK2PDT


Congrats Carine for MG!



Hallo Carine,

beste 73 - congrats und Alles Gute weiterhin !



Carine,great to work you at the week end and congratulation on achieving Mountain Goat,I trust Rene treated you to a nice bottle of bubbly. 88 Don. G0RQL.


Hallo Carine

Don bringt es mit den Blöterli auf den Punkt, hi. Herzliche Gratulation auch von mir – da habt ihr beide eure Mountain Goats “oben durch” auf anspruchsvollen Wegen erreicht! Eigentlich dürfte man euch auch einen Steinbock-Award geben.

Ich wünsche euch noch viele gfreute schöne Ausblicke von oben und weiterhin viel Freude an dem, was ihr tut.

Vy 73 und 88 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulations Carine on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congrats Carine, very impressed with your achievement and the short time in which you reached it!

I wish you many more beautiful (and safe) future activations!

Peter, HB9TVK


Hoi Carine

Schon Mountain Goat?! Gratuliere!

vy 73 es 88 Matt HB9FVF


Congratulations! Well done. 73



Hello to everybody :grinning:

Many thanks for all your congratulations and good wishes.

The bottle of bubbly was a cool beer :beers: :wink:

My OM René, HB9NBG and I had a lot of impressive summit-experiences in our 6-days “Plaine Morte - SOTA-Trekking”, and it was a great feeling for me to reach the Mountain Goat on one of the most impressive summits, that I ever made (Rohrbachstein - First-Acitivation)

Now the movie from our “Plaine Morte SOTA-Trekking 2018” is available on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-2y-LVYggc , so you can see what we did the last days :sunglasses::sunglasses:

A big Thank-You to my OM René, HB9NBG; it’s always a pleasure to reach a new summit with him :heart_eyes: A big hug and a lot of kisses for him :kissing_heart:

vy 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC