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Hi Stewart

On seeing this new upgrade of yours I went to open my version of your SOTA CSV editor to download the latest version and to have a quick look at the changes. It refuses to open i.e. I double click on the icon and nothing appears on screen apart from the Icon telling me that it is open…tool bar at the bottom of the screen (Windows 10). Has something happened to my version as it has been working flawlessly for weeks. Just thought I’d let you know.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Many thanks Stewart.

That is brilliant. Hopefully it will get a good testing tomorrow :wink:




Try right clicking and “Run As Administrator” - several software apps I use will ONLY run as administrator in Win 10.


You should not need to do that - it works fine on My Windows 10 without having to run it as Administrator.


I’ve sent Allan a direct message that may help resolve his issue - I had a program that was exhibiting the same symptoms where for some reason Windows had moved the window off screen.

Stewart G0LGS


Another possibility is the latest Windows 10 updates. I am currently trying to find why the start page button has stopped working on my wifes’s Windows 10 laptop and checking the web, it appears the last batch of Windows updates has caused a few “won’t start” problems for users. The Window location problem may have been caused through the same updates I guess.



Thank you all for the suggestions and thank you Stewart for the other message. I will have a look this afternoon as I have to do some other work outside this morning. Last used on Thursday to upload Wednesday activation. I will report back later today.


Allan GW4VPX


Hi Stewart

I have used the latest version all weekend and it works very well - no problems at all on Win 10

Thanks again



The latest update to V1.4.6.0 tries to deal with the reported instances of the program window not being visible on start, the program will try to detect when the position settings would result in most of the window being off-screen and it will be moved to the top or left side of the screen.

It should also ensure that the log is saved (or at least you are prompted to save it) prior to the program closing when windows shuts down or you logoff without have saved the log.

Stewart G0LGS


Thanks Stewart.


I am probably doing something incredibly dumb, but I have BAND Frequencies also showing up as the only options in the MODE column. What can do I do to correct that?

SSB changed to 18 Mhz I believe after the “edit”, and I didn’t even touch the MODE.

I just want to download one activation. Make a minor correction. Delete the old file and upload the corrected file. The idea sounded so simple. I guess the only thing simple here is me.


Do you have SOTA csv set for activator or chaser before loading the csv? There are 2 different formats and the newer one has an extra field which will offset the fields just like your example.

This may be the problem.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Thanks for the suggestion. There is not any option to SET activator or chaser, but I did answer the question about file type as NO. Doesn’t help. MODE still wrong. The only thing I am certain I have figured out is the uninstaller. I’ll just have to do it the hard way.


I’m sorry but I don’t quite follow what you are saying, however:

The current versions of the program (V1.4.x) should be able to open any SOTA CSV or TSV format that I know of without any mix-up of columns.

If you open the program and then press F9 you should see several boxes:

into which you can enter ‘Callsigns’, ‘Bands’ and ‘Modes’ the program will quietly accept almost anything you care to enter in three boxes, just be sure to press enter after each Call / Band or Mode (including the last one) in the lists.

Remember to click Save at the bottom.


I have just found a bug that made the program mix-up the Chased / Activated summit columns when opening older CSV Files, but that does not explain the problem of Modes/Frequencies being muddled (which you appeared to be describing).

Update (hopefully) to resolve opening older log files and another feature I was ready to release is now available in the normal manor.

Stewart G0LGS


Hi Stewart

I obviously have not described my problem very well. I found no useful purpose for the Configuration Screen. Now that you indicate - be sure to SAVE at the bottom, that is a good place to start. I can’t see any SAVE option, and there is no way to scroll farther down to look for a SAVE option. This might explain my MODE problem, which is NOT happening on the configuration screen. Working on a screenshot of that screen.

I am working with a quite small netbook’


Shrink the program window !


Make the changes and Press Alt and S.


Using which option? There is noting in the upper right hand corner except the red “X” to close it. There are no other control options The Editor screen offers options, but the Configuration screen is bare bones. Here is a screenshot of BAND info in the MODE position. The BAND position seems to be OK, and has many more frequency options than are showing here in the MODE position. This has all been quite confusing as I have no idea what I am doing. I have already fixed my problem by deleting and re-entering a 27 QSO activation. It would be nice to figure out how to use Stewart’s Editor, which nobody else has any trouble with.


It’s a Windows program right? Drag the edges of the application window to resize as you do any Windows program. When you hover on the top, bottom, left or right edge you get the double ended arrow, left click and hold then drag to resize. If you hover in the corner you can resize horizontally and vertically at the same time.