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Thanks Stewart, i found your software very useful, before it the manual upload was very boaring, now is much easier.
I haven’t any problem with it, on w8.
73 Carlos IK2YRA



I’m glad you have confirmed that it is working in W8 - I’ve not got that version to try it with.

73 Stewart


Hi Stewart,
Thanks for this useful program. Up until now I’ve been simply using the web page to enter my Chaser and Activator contacts but I think I’ll be using your program from now on! It avoids the occasional drop out that I still get from time to time with the web input form and I guess the more of us that prepare the data offline and then upload will reduce to some extent, the load on the server.

One question - in the summit data that you retrieve, is the point value for a summit included and if so could ths also be displayed alongside the summit name that is currently displayed when entering data please?

73 Ed.


At present the number of points for the summit is not included in the data that the program converts from the Summits CSV to its own database, I have thought about including that information, but I’m not convinced that it is of any benefit.



I’m not sure if it was Stewart but have I discussed with another programmer why trying to include points is fraught with problems. The main issue is the points history of a summit is not exported only the most recent points value and validity period. This means any program which is isn’t the DB cannot be 100% accurate.


I seem to recall a discussion about validity dates but not specifically points values.

I have seen a related effect of this for myself - there is one contact in my complete chaser log (downloaded from the DB) that my program thinks the summit reference was not valid on the date of my contact because I worked that one before the start of the current validity period.



Please drop my request. As put, it was a question of if the data was already in the file, if so displaying it probably would be relatively straight forward. If the extract has to be changed to include the summit value of each of the summits, forget it. Too much work for what is only a nice feature to have.



Hi Stewart

Following an email chat with Andy, I have come across you logging software and installed it.

I think it is just what I am looking for although I would like to request a little additional feature

While I am an active chaser, I also enjoy SWLing, and would therefore like to use your logging software for both.

As far as I can tell (and this needs checking) the only difference between a standard CSV and an SWL CSV file is what is contained in column 1.

V2 for a standard contact
V2swl for SWL

Would it be possible for a simple tick box to be added that, when ticked, entered V2swl into column 1 of the CSV file?

As an aside, your software is running quite happily on Windows 10.




I have not seen the information on the SWL format - I just had a quick look at the Database site and can see that the option is there to load an SWL log, but where is the format defined ?




Hi Stewart

Take a look here http://www.sotadata.org.uk/ChaserCSVInfo.htm




Version with Support for SWL Logs now available.

If you open an existing SWL log it should just change mode and change back when you open a Chaser or Activator Log.

If you start a new Log you might have to change SWL Mode on the options menu to suit.

Toggling the setting and re-saving the log will change between SWL and Chaser format file.

If you have not already add your SWL call to the list of callsigns in the Configuration Screen

73 Stewart


Heck, that was quick!

Many thanks Stewart



It wasn’t very difficult - it took longer to think about what I was going to do than actually do it.


Hi Stewart

Just tested it and it works fine :wink:

Would it be possible - in the future - to have a single log file for both V2 and V2swl. I believe that if you upload a CSV file with both in, the database will handle it ???

While having 2 separate log files makes a lot of sense, opening and closing 2 different log files on a busy Saturday may cause my brain to melt :wink:




That is (a lot) more complex to achieve, but I’ll think about it for a further release.


Ok I understand.

What you have done so far does meets my needs, for which, I am grateful. The desire for a single log file is mmore to do with me being lazy :slight_smile:




Note: At present if you attempt to load a Log containing mixed SWL and Chaser/Activator entries (from another source) the program will not work very well as it will treat all entries in the files as being the same type as the first line. i.e if the first line is SWL it will treat the whole log as an SWL log - if the first line is a Chaser/Activator line it will treat the whole log as Chaser/Activator.


Hi Stewart

Yes understood, I see how you have done it




@M6RUG A new version that allows SWL entries to be mixed in the same log file as Chaser or Activator entries is now available.