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Your welcome Clifford, only too glad to have helped you.

73 Neil


I see, there is a lineage there I was unaware of. Sounds like a lot of work has gone into it on your part- thx.

My suggestion would be 2 check boxes in upper right blank area above where My Ref currently resides:
(X) Activator
(0) Chaser

And the ability to reset A/C setting and update/save entire log somehow if you forget to set the A/C setting correctly at start. Activator would be checked by default in my world.



There have been a number of tweaks and minor changes to my CSV Editor over the last few days. The latest update was made available earlier today.



A Further update to my SOTA CSV Log Editor has been released today.



Ran into an issue where error is produced uploading a .csv. I made my first PSK-31 contacts on a summit but the ‘PSK’ are listed as part of the error in red. I see nothing out of order in the .csv file. Suggestions appreciated!

DB error result page- also I sent the csv screenshot-

Upload Activator CSV/TSV File

Callsign Date Time Summit Band Mode Station
Worked Notes
KK6QMS 28/Oct/2015 03:35 W6/CT-010 14MHz ‘PSK’ KW7M Mike in Apple Valley- me 5w only
KK6QMS 28/Oct/2015 04:11 W6/CT-010 14MHz ‘PSK’ KF7EE Kevin Sherwood in Culver City!!
KK6QMS 28/Oct/2015 04:24 W6/CT-010 144MHz FM KK6CMG Chris in Bellflower
KK6QMS 28/Oct/2015 04:45 W6/CT-010 14MHz ‘PSK’ K6CCR
KK6QMS 28/Oct/2015 05:29 W6/CT-010 7MHz SSB K6VGP thx Dick-
KK6QMS 28/Oct/2015 05:50 W6/CT-010 144MHz FM KK6HRS Pierson

One or more errors were detected in the CSV file.These are highlighted in red in the table above.
Please correct the CSV file and resubmit the entry.


Try using DATA instead of PSK for the mode. That is how I got my one and only PSK31 chaser contact into the database. I realise that it is less accurate in that the specific mode is not in there, but that seemed to be the only way to get it in at the time.



I think we have an interesting (%) hole here. The web page for submitting a chase offers DATA only. The code for parsing csv files allows a variety of modes and collapses them down to the valid modes : AM, CW, DATA, FM, OTHER or SSB

USB LSB J3E are converted to SSB
PSK31 RTTY are converted to DATA
F3E is converted to FM
A1A is converted to AM

Probably PSK31 should be a variety of digimodes and just the PSK bit should be valid allowing PSK31, PSK63, PSK250R etc. Similarly for MFSK etc. etc.

(%) for assorted definitions of interesting!


A1A is CW not AM

Colin G8TMV


Is not the amplitude modulated 100% on in CW? :smile:

Yes, it should be A3E but I was saying what the code actually does. Given nobody has ever complained we can take it nobody has every used it!


[quote=“MM0FMF, post:69, topic:10076”]what the code actually does[/quote]The source code itself is always the most accurate documentation. What’re the chances of someone tripping over that one next week… :wink:


Oh quite probable now!

Anyway I have fixed that and also upped the limit Rod mentioned about stats shown. Investigating reasons for for the session problems we were having and looking at the code showed many ugly bits of programming that need fixing. These include things which should be wrapped in try/catch constructs, not correctly removing items serialised into the session (analagous to memory leaks), sections of code which are not correctly user protected.

All of them add up to a few lines each but hopefully the outcome will be something more robust


This does not seem to have changed. Perhaps it is still on your testing system only. Will be much appreciated when it does appear.
Thanks for all the hard work done recently on our behalf; also much appreciated.


No, it’s still on my test box Rod. I haven’t touched the app or files since we had issues back on October 11th. It seems to be working do I am starting with the jobs that need doing.


So we have a different list of modes on SotaWatch to those handled by the Database then !

My CSV editor used the modes shown in the drop-down list on Sotawatch (as defaults, but you can change them in the Configuration to anything you like).

There are fewer options on the Database site.


Your surprise is as big as mine! The real issue is the DB will accept PSK31 but SOTAwatch only offers PSK. I’ll make the parser accept PSK, PSK31 etc.


Thanks all. I easily changed them to DATA and added PSK-31 to the comments. The DB accepted it no problem.
Appreciate your efforts-


A new version of my SOTA CSV Log Editor has been made available at http://www.g0lgs.co.uk/soft_info.php?AppName=sotacsveditor

Users of V1.2 or newer should be able to Select ‘Help’ -> ‘About’ and click ‘Check for Update’ and then allow the program to update.

Stewart G0LGS


As a few of you appear to have discovered a further update to my SOTA CSV Log Editor with new features was published a few days ago.

As usual it can be updated directly from the program or you can download the installer from the link given in my previous post.

73 and HNY


I have only come across your programme recently but found it to be a very nice and straightforward tool for logging. Clearly structured, easy to log and edit. Great!

Thanks a lot!
73, Sylvia


I’m glad you like the program Sylvia.

I still have a few other ideas for features that may get added over the next few weeks.

73 Stewart