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New Website


OK, - this one is a bit “tricky” but the way I have found is - click on your avartar (the cat in your case) at the top right hand corner of the page.

From the pulldown that appears click on profile (the top entry in the list).

Now on the next screen on the thick black bar click on the preferences button and there you can change several things including your password. To do this click on the “send password reset email” and check your email - it includes a link that you need to click to be able to go and set a new password.

Told you it was a bit tricky!

73 Ed.

P.S. For clarity - this is the REFLECTOR password reset as you requested, NOT the new website account and password.



Saving data when “Adding external link” does not work here. How can I edit existing external link?



Thank you very much, Ed. With your help, I have succeeded! So at last, my password for all the SOTA sites is the same.

It certainly was a bit tricky!

I seem to remember, many moons ago, that we were promised a “user manual” for the SOTA websites, including the Sotawatch site, the Database and the reflector. Such a user manual has never materialised.

To add to the confusion, the domain for the Sotawatch site is “.org” but the domain for the other sites (except sota-maps) is “.org.uk”.

It’s like finding your way through a maze.

Thanks again, Ed.

Walt (G3NYY)


Jon, can you please clarify for me, is the intention to remove the SOTAWatch site at some point and its features be handled under the new sota.org.uk site? I ask this as, unless I am mistaken, the summits information used to be under SOTAWatch but is now under the new sota.org.uk site.

If alerts and spots could be handled under sota.org.uk, then we don’t need sotawatch anymore do we?

By the way, another item for the “to do” list, if one goes into sota.org.uk goes to some other page than the home page (e.g. Summits Information) and then decides to logon, you are not taken back to the page where you were, but are rather put into your account/profile update page. Admittedly from there you can click on the options along the top to navigate to another part of the site but I think once logged in it would be better if one were to be transfered back to the page where you hit the login button (if this is possible).

73 Ed.


Are you sure you are logged in Jure and looking at the sota.org.uk website not the sotawatch website?

http://www.sota.org.uk/Associations is now where all the summits are listed.

If you haven’t yet created an account on the new website, you will need to do that - see my post earlier in this thread.

I have added a new external link to the summit data on the new website without problems but if you are not logged in, you will not see the option.

73 Ed.


Reading the first post in this thread may help Ed.


OOps - found it:
It is also worth mentioning that some aspects of SOTAwatch will be now incorporated in the new website and eventually it is entirely possible that a fully new version of SOTAwatch will end up more integrated as well.




It was 38 days ago. I find it difficult to remember what I was doing 38minutes ago!


Are we going to permanently loose these pages (see example below) where it is easy to see your own chases and activations? Now only accessed by knowing the url.

Or will they be in the new format/pages?



I hope your wrong Carolyn. Vital page that one, used all the time by me…

73 Phil


The sensible thing during an extended system transition is to stop asking questions and let the developer get on with the transition however long that may take. Stand back and let the developer get on with the job. Dozens of question merely distract the developer and delay the final solution. And Jon is a brilliant developer.

In my own developer days now many years ago, I realised that it was more important to focus on the target implementation and ignore the transitional questions. So give Jon a break and let him get on with it.

The time for questions will be once he states that the transition in his view has been completed and at that time, point out what you think is not resolved.


It doesn’t matter Jim. The same questions get asked then answered then asked again. Nobody reads the old answers, nobody reads the explanations. I don’t why they sell mice with two way scroll wheels as nobody ever scrolls up. And that search icon in the top right… we can dump that as it’s not used.

To save people asking here are the answers you need to the questions you are about to ask.

Soon, it’s being worked on
Possibly if there is demand
120kb (just a guess)
Not on Windows
Not if there are children present
3 button mouse
Saturdays excepted, change at Newbury


I often suspect that many do not see the at the top right of the screen where they can search for previous answers.

Your summary of answers is bang on - no need for any further questions - everything has been answered.


changing a running system …
Actually summits in
9H, CT, DM, DL, HB9, HB0, HL, I, JA, LX, OD, OE, OH, OK, ON, PA, S5, SV, YO, YU
are show in a position WEST of Greenwich

73 de Mike, dj5av


If the developer performs the development on the live system, piecemeal, it is inevitable that questions will be asked by the users on an ongoing basis as each change is made.

It is more usual to do the development off-line, and when the development work is completed then switch over to the new system in a single operation.

Walt (G3NYY)


That always results in an artificial environment which developers like Jon do explore. Long before I retired from the MT, Jon exposed us to that off line development and I know that I responded then and provided feedback. So the current move is out of that offline environment and while the internals of the system are evolved, it is the externals that no one can prepare for offline in the transition to a complex external environment, that generate issues.


An answer to a possible question is not easy to find when it is hidden in all the noise…

I have reread all the thread and found my answer… sarcasm was not required


I hope that CT’s summits will remain in the West of Greenwich. If not, a big earthquake happened again… :wink:



Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. I have reverted the links on SOTAwatch back to the original summit lists and summit pages until we can fix some issues with the new ones and also get features like the My Chases/My Activation fully implemented there.

Thanks for your patience. I know it’s been inconvenient begin herded into the new site, but it’s been very useful in terms of getting feedback, monitoring performance, etc.

To answer a few questions:

There will be a new SOTAwatch and it is likely to be better integrated into the website. That will be one less login!

Yes, I totally agree. This irritates me as well. We’ll look into getting it done.

There are transitional reasons (mainly to do with data) why these are lagging behind a bit in the new lists. These will be worked into the new summit lists soon. Meanwhile, you have the old ones back in the interim.

73, Jon


Hi Jon

Thank you for replying directly to me. I understand some of the issues you are facing in combining all the data and web-pages, not an easy task.

My question was more about formatting of the page, I had become very familiar with the original layout.