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New Website


Must be your browser Walt.

  • On the new website, on the first page is the following link, ringed in red on this image. Click, you get taken to a page with links to 6 different websites complete with a screen shot in case the name doesn’t mean anything.

  • On the front page of the new website, there is a small spots window and link to SOTAwatch, again ringed in red on this image.

  • On the reflector, at the top of the page there are a set of links that have been there since the reflector was updated about year ago with links most of the SOTA related websites. Underlined in red in this image.

  • Do you have to re-register? Yes as explained previously by myself.



Yes, I am gradually finding my way around it now.

However, I am a radio amateur operator … not a computer programmer. The Sota website(s) is/are a tool to help me with my operating activities. It sometimes seems that these facilities are made as complex as possible! You would need a degree in computer science to find your way through the obstacle course.

But then, I am getting old …

Walt (G3NYY)


Just my point.

SIX different websites.


I agree with DD5LP that it would be much better, and more intuitive, if the links to other sites were on the Home Page and not via an intermediate “Online Resources” page. (“One click is better than two”!) I believe Jon is already considering this amendment.

The convenient link to “Summits” has also, apparently, been removed from the top of the Sotawatch Home Page.

Even more confusing …

at present sota.org.uk routes to the OLD SOTA webpage,
but www.sota.org.uk routes to the NEW SOTA webpage.

(And I have cleared my browser cache!)



Six different functions. If they were the same site you still have six links.

SOTAwatch (which will be changing)
Reflector ( which shares the URL with the SOTA website )
SOTA shop (which will become part of the SOTA website)

The others are related, a Flickr group, less relevant to many since the reflector accepts photos and an independant (and excellent) mapping site produce by Rob. All of which are linked.

TO paraphrase Obi-wan Kenobi, “use the links Walt”.


Who ???



Sounds rude !


I suspect that is the intention … in the good old tradition of British pantomime.



The link to Flickr fails, it looks like a malformed address and is missing the colon after ‘https’.


I think you need to clear your cache or refresh the page - that issue was fixed yesterday (after I reported it directly to Jon). - unless there are more than the two links to that I’ve found.



Once the teething issues are resolved we will all forget we had any issues. :slight_smile: The aspect that I particularly like is that when you call up a summit list, you get it in chunks. No scrolling down through 200+ summits. GM/SS loads up straight away. … no time out problems like there have been in the past.

Many thanks Jon and team. Your hard work is much appreciated.

73, Gerald G4OIG


Hi everyone, I had underestimated how much people relied on the links from the home page of the website. I have now put some Quick Links back on the homepage. Hopefully this is useful.

As Andy MFM points out above, the abilty to Login to the new website is new. You couldn’t do it before. So you still need to login to all the other sites separately as before (single sign on is a medium term aspiration). The only difference is that you can also now register and login on the website. The only thing this gives you currently is the bearing and distance from your home QTH on the summit pages. Shortly we will also be adding in the My Chases and My Activations for the summit pages and further functionality will follow from that.

73, Jon


Thanks for the quick links Jon.

Here’s another issue to think about - going to sota.org.uk instead of www.sota.org.uk gives a 404 error as shown below - I think this is a setting in DNS that allows site access without the www.

Error 404 - Web app not found.

The web app you have attempted to reach is not available in this Microsoft Azure App Service region. This could be due to one of several reasons:

  1. The web app owner has registered a custom domain to point to the Microsoft Azure App Service, but has not yet configured Azure to recognize it. Click here to read more.

  2. The web app owner has moved the web app to a different region, but the DNS cache is still directing to the old IP Address that was used in the previous region. Click here to read more.



You need to be logged in also before you have the ability to add, edit or delete external links or articles to the Summits Info pages Jon.




thank you for the new SOTA website! Just clicked through it a bit and find the design very nice.

Just one thing i noticed:

On “www.sotawatch.org” --> latest spots --> the hyperlinks leading to the new website “http://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/XX/XX-XXX

But the hyperlinks on upcoming activations still lead to the old website “http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=XX/XX-XXX

And thank you for adding the locator of the summit to the summit information page (like i suggested a few months ago … Locator on Summit Information page).

73 Martin, OE5REO


I am logged in a normal on sota watch.
BUT when you tap into a say said sota and the info comes up seems am not logged into that part and tried both pass words as its not recognising me user name. any help please

Karl M3FEH


A few posts back I explained why you have to create a new account. You haven’t created a new account.


Karl (and others), the new SOTA website now has password access - you will need to register an account with the site - use this link: http://www.sota.org.uk/account/register

This is a new account, different to what you used to use for SOTAWatch or the SOTA database sites. (You can of course use the same userid (callsign) and password as the other sites to keep things “simple”).

73 Ed.


Peoples thank you again

after few chose words in doing it, its done.
Me and PC’s hmmmm questionable LOL

thanks again folks

Karl 73s


I cannot find how to change my password for the Sota Reflector.

I have changed the password for both the Sotawatch site and the new Sota website to one with a non-alphanumeric character in it, but the Reflector still wants my old password.


Walt (G3NYY)


well after a couple of emails and a bit of faffing about, I have reached the point that I use regularly, here!!
Nice website but will get a bit of getting used to. As usual with IT stuff, all the answers you need are behind the system you are trying to get on to but as you do not have the key you cannot unlock the door. Then the last reply to my email from Jon GM4ZFZ contained the clue. The door is not locked, just push and enter, I have arrived…
Cheers Jon…
Mick - G8NVX