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Enough is enough!


ELTA Activating via Echolink (should go over great with the NO-code people)


You crack me up. I’ve done a few of these myself…HI.



WOTA - Waterfalls On The Air

Erik WX4ET


Do ancient lava flows? We only have 2 in VK6land…one is near me! :smiley:


One of the most spectacular sites at D’Entrecasteaux is Black Point; a massive outcrop of hexagonal basalt columns formed 135 million years ago by volcanic lava flow. - See more at: http://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/site/black-point-precinct#sthash.RNQxZivj.dpuf


Because I’m a glutton for punishment, because this thread won’t die, and mainly because I found an easy list courtesy of the Smithsonian, the blog post has been updated with VOTA references :smile:

There are 13 SOTA summits within 500m of a listed VOTA reference:

VOTA Ref, SOTA Ref, SOTA points, VOTA points

I take no responsibility, but I look forward to seeing VOTA references posted on alerts too.


Isn’t the Pilbarra craton in VK6? Any number of lava flows around the famous granite domes!



When Italy finally gets sorted out there will be a fair number of active and dormant volcanoes to be listed - the Lipari islands including Vulcano itself which gave the name to volcanoes, the hyperactive Stromboli, and of course Etna and Vesuvius. I notice that the Greek Island of Santorini (Thira) is not listed although it would qualify for SOTA, this is the site of the Minoan eruption and is still active. Several other islands of the Cyclades are volcanoes. Volcanoes, ancient and modern, make an interesting subset of SOTA!



Not sure Brian, DPAW only list Black point and Argyle as known Lava flows, but I wouldn’t trust DPAW to tell me my weight!.


Probably referring to recent or tertiary volcanism.

From Wiki referring to the Pilbara craton: “This region contains variably metamorphosed mafic and ultramafic greenstone belt rocks, intrusive granitic dome structures, and volcanic sedimentary rocks. These greenstone belts worldwide are thought to be the remnants of ancient volcanic belts, and are subject to much debate in today’s scientific community. Areas such as Isua and Barberton which have similar lithologies and ages as Pilbara have been argued to be subduction accretion arcs, while others suggest that they are the result of vertical tectonics. This debate is crucial to investigating when/how plate tectonics began on Earth. The Pilbara Craton along with the Kaapvaal Craton are the only remaining areas of the Earth with pristine 3.6–2.5 Ga crust.[1] The extremely old and rare nature of this crustal region makes it a valuable resource in the understanding of the evolution of the Archean Earth.[2]”

Probably boring to most but I find that knowing something of the geological history adds to the interest of a summit.



Got to love the internet…


It sounds like a contradiction but refers to tuffs or pyroclastic flows deposited on the surface of a body of water and sorting by density and particle size while settling, often showing rapid lateral facies changes, usually called volcaniclastic deposits.



I still love the internet!!


Tomorrow, on 1st August 2015 a new SOTA summit becomes available in new association. It just so happens it’s also a VOTA. Unfortunately the volcano part is currently erupting so don’t expect any activations soon!


The lure of 10 points isn’t enough? :smile:


Are there bonus points if activated during an eruption?



3 bonus for erupting, 5 more if you are not quite successful…



That’s fine but I think that some regard ought to be taken of how recent the volcano’s action is. It might be dormant now but if it erupted less than 100 years ago it should qualify IMO. I suggest dividing the volcano points by the number of centuries since the last eruption. Thus you get half points if the last eruption was 500 - 600 years ago. I’m sure Andy can cope with this.




That’s exactly how it works? 10 points if it’s erupted in the last 10 years, 8 points in the last 50, etc, down to 1 point if it’s erupted in the last 1000 years. 3 bonus points for “currently erupting” (13 points), and 5 bonus points (18!) for the benefit of your estate should the activation be fatal.


Sorry Andrew, I should have re-read the original blog as its all there. Is 5,000 to 10,000 years worth 0.1 point?