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Enough is enough!


An underwater bonus perhaps? Oh no that would fall foul of P150…



Holy thread necromancy Batman!


Good history for us newbs. I didn’t realize there was strife surrounding prominence criteria.




No, please don’t go there again! It raises its ugly head every now and again. Just work at your own association and forget about the others. :weary:


Exactly, and instead of focusing on prominence, go chasing a 10 point VOTA summit that has recently become available in KH6.


The thesis of the prominence rebels was that if SOTA adopted a lower prominence value then summits would be more numerous and closer together making less driving necessary to reach them. Of course, if this is taken to its logical conclusion then prominence is set at zero and you could do a SOTA activation from the car park of your local Macdonalds! The position of the founders of SOTA was that 150 metres makes SOTA summits more singular, more outstanding and special. Arguments have broken out periodically ever since the start of SOTA in 2002 but the MT have no intention of ever changing the criterion, making the point moot.

Now, about that KH6 VOTA…


It sounds a bit restrictive to me, couldn’t it be extended to include geothermal springs…?


Within 5 metres of a geysir for fun and excitement? (Plenty of old geysirs on the air!)


In New Zealand, it’s pronounced “Guy Zir”.

Just saying …

Walt (G3NYY)


Its not far from that in Iceland, where the original geysir is, but in my far off childhood the bath water was heated by an original Victorian geysir which we all pronounced “geezir” and which sounded terrifyingly like a Saturn 5 taking off (though back then in pre space race days we said it was like a V2!)


LOL! I had one of these in my first rented (shared) flat when I moved to London as a very young man in the 1960s. It would certainly not be in compliance with the present-day safety regulations.

This ancient thread is rapidly approaching the “maximum posts” limit, I notice.
Walt (G3NYY)