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Enough is enough!


Really? I’ll book my fare for next April.


Presumably this infers that Guides only think on one day of the year?

Walt (G3NYY)


Or else they think all the year and it’s Radio Amateurs who only think on the one day they use the radio?


Spent a couple of days with views like this just before Easter…

Was a bit too far away for a quick activation, though. :wink:

73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP


Thought you might appreciate the sudden increase in volcanic activity on Ben Rinnes GM/ES-021

It became a little more obvious

then the local distillery was almost overwhelmed

Barry GM4TOE


Climbed it in 2005… I suspect I wouldn’t have been much up for Amateur Radio from the summit. It was, shall we say, quite hard work!

Lovely photo by the way!


I want to laugh… but was that controlled burning or was it a bit out of hand? Bit of an odd time of year for controlled burning isn’t it?


I normally use a paper log. Will this be accepted by the MT? Is submission of all of the log necessary as there are a variety of reasons why this may become impractical?


Controlled burning :smile:

Needed five appliances and a helicopter to get it under control!

Access to the hill from the Dufftown side is now a graded track all the way, the final pull is a bit of a puffer but there are numerous places on, and around, the summit to set up and get some shelter.


We can only accept award claims backed-up by log entry into the database - anything else is just impractical. If you can use the reflector then the database is not challenging to use

Barry GM4TOE
Awards Manager
(supposedly on holiday)


I think Compton was aiming that at the VOTA Awards manager, not the SOTA awards manager. Paper logs will be accepted for VOTA awards, provided the critical areas aren’t too singed or smoky.


[quote=“MW0WML, post:47, topic:10540”]It was, shall we say, quite hard work![/quote]Forty-mumble years ago, when I was somewhat shorter and skinnier, we had a slide-show at school about climbing it from Loitokitok, back in the days when that border was open enough for folk to climb from there. I remember the slideshow presenter putting up a photo of a bloke running downhill, and telling us “We’d met him at the base the previous evening. He’d headed up the mountain very early on a moonlit morning. We’d started our climb at sunrise. This slide was take in as we were climbing in the afternoon. We met him on his way down from the summit.” A tall story? Who knows…

73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP


“Swiss veteran mountain guide, Karl Egloff, has broken the Mount Kilimanjaro fastest ascent and descent record, in a mind-blowing time of 6 hours, 42 minutes and 24 seconds.”

It took me longer than that to get from Kibo Hut (4730M) to the summit at 5895M on our summit day.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could get Kili into an association and then get it activated!


I wonder which base he climbed from. Presumably the Tanzanian one. I don’t know how much the various routes vary, and these days I don’t think an ascent from Loitokitok on the Kenya side is permitted.

The problem with getting countries like Kenya and Tanzania into SOTA is partly finding amateurs on the ground to help, and partly tracking down suitably accurate maps…

Just to get things back on topic, there is, of course Ol Doinyo Lengai, a peculiarly interesting and not particularly dormant volcano, just a little to the north west…

73, Rick 5Z4/M0LEP


You forgot to say that the information has to be logged live and logs prepared after the activation will not accepted. Battery powered chisels are available for those who are likely to encounter pile ups on 7MHz SSB or CW. I think Screwfix has them in stock… other retailers are available. :wink:


Here is my first alert:



Andrew 3ARR - an active peak to include in the VOTA ARM.

Andrew VK1NAM


Twice in a day. Is that the equivalent of New Year roll over so you get double points?


ex Geologist





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