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2018 is a coming


Here, Here Gerald, the best wish so far!

Good health in what we all hope will be a Happy New Year for you with renewed vigour!

73 Phil

  1. Family stays healthy and happy.
  2. Lose a couple of stone.
  3. Keep getting enough pro gigs not to have to take a long-term or permanent teaching job.
  4. Lots of nice wx whenever I am out SOTAing.
  5. Another year of problem-free motoring.
  6. Another block of new GW activator uniques.
  7. Complete G (for a third time…)
  8. Some overseas activating.
  9. Get my new /P datamode set-up up-and-running for JT65 and FT8.

I don’t ask for much…


Hummmm… Well First of all activate GM/ Summits and Bring my Bagpipes :wink:
And second reach the 200 Completes :wink:
But high level for all… A GOOD HEALTH…
Take Care


Hi Viki

I worked a French station from Worcestershire Beacon with just 5w and a dipole on 2m SSB earlier this year so it’s doable. Granted I think FM would have been pushing it!

All the best for 2018
Martin, M0JEA


Hi Martin,

Given a bit of ducting, Europe is reasonably easy to work from a SOTA summit, using 2m FM and a colinear…

73 Mike


Hi all
Any Fast scan TV operation from a summit would be different. I’ve been building my digital amateur TV station for the last 10 months and hope to get it mounted on a sack barrow in order to operate proper /P in Shropshire. A TV mode type in the data base and SOTAWatch would help with this tough mode.
Some joint activations with great friends.
More Wainwrights and the Lake district where I’ve completed the G/LD SOTA with my Dad [82 years young] . The other 2 hill top portable awards schemes in UK are also very good.
But most of all, for my wife Ann-Charlotte to get better after Cancer and Chemotherapy. This looks promising and very likely :grinning:
73 and a merry Christmas / Nadolig Llawen
David M0YDH [Dei MW0YDH/p]


Better be for medicinal reasons or you’ll get yourself arrested!


I have a bottle of CU BOCAN waiting to be sampled once the bells strike midnight, obviously for medicinal purposes only !.