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2018 is a coming


YEP sure is

Whats the one thing you want for 2018

Finally clock a Sota on 6m
Already clocked a 2m Sota this year.
Mind you outside England in another country be a good challenge, let alone in Europe.
And G/DC-003 on air under 2m and 6m for first time.

Karl M3FEH


To make at least 4 qso’s on every activation I do next year.
Not fussed which band I do it on.
Ian vk5cz …


I found this morning that the fibreglass pole supporting my antenna had snapped under the weight of snow on the wire and feeder, so I want a new pole! Until then I will be very NVIS orientated…:grinning: Actually, its amazing how much snow can stick to a thin wire!


Whats the one thing you want for 2018

A VHF/UHF S2S contact across the Channel.
Anyway, turn your antenna east if you see my spots for VHF, Karl! :satellite:



I’d like to activate a summit North of the Arctic Circle. Plans to do so are underway.


Welcome, I did a few activations last and this week north of the Arctic circle. Conditions up here can be very tricky, today I did 26 km round trip on skies and snow shoes to make total 4 qsos! (yes loud oj9x is in Helsinki…)
We have day light for about 3 hours at the moment but the wild life is great up here :smile:
73 Marko OH9XX


To activate a 10-point summit.

I will have to leave my home association to do it though, as all the ZL3 10-pointers are too hard.
By the way, I do not blame the MT for this :slight_smile:


Flights from Namibia to St Helena would open up some interesting possibilities.


To activate all the Belgium summits


To know CW well enough to use it when I make Mountain Goat!


To activate 6,8,10 point summits and not get shot by the XYL in the process.


Iceland is on my list for a NS1TA SOTA activation in 2018. Maybe a ten point summit this summer or early fall. As a geologist, I have a keen interest in visiting Iceland to see where the North American and European tectonic plates are spreading apart. HF propagation into Europe and NA should be interesting.


In 2018 I hope to get back into SOTA activating after a too long pause of nearly 4 months.
I think this will surely become true.

Much more unlikely though, but I’d also like to have the resources (technical, time, and money) to set up and get a remote station ready in my owned house in the village SouthWest of Pamplona so I can use it from the rental appartment in the city where I’m living in now.

Setting up my Remote station

To activate all the summits of my region (EA5/CS), but i think 2018 will be short.Try on the summits other new bands for me.


For 2018 I want to finish my Tahoe Rim Trail project (short by 15 summits) as well as finish activating at least 1 of every region in W6 and W7N.
Also chase/activate CW
Activate in EU on one of my many planned work/vacation trips.


To activate more peaks than I did in 2017.
To activate in new areas of W6 (California).
To activate in more associations.
To make some microwave QSOs from a summit.

My 2018

Get up standard call
Get an antenna set up for home QTH chasing - possibly a mag loop as I am in an apartment
Add to my tiny DX collection of JA & ZL.


First : A good health.
Second : To become a Mountain Goat. Only 300 points to go.

73 and cu. PA9CW, Tonnie.


Good luck Tonnie - you are nearly there but it always seems to take a long time to close the final gap.

I’d like a VHF/UHF fm SOTA contact (preferably a S2S!) in 2018 into Europe but this is particularly difficult as:
a) I’m usually operating in South Wales/Welsh border or considerably further north
b) I use a VX7R which is restricted to 5w and
c) I am usually too lazy/incompetent to use a beam with any success.

However everything is possible. I heard a French station when operating on Shining Tor G/SP-004 some years ago, a French station apparently tried to contact me when on a SC summit but I couldn’t hear anything and, more recently, when activating Ysgyryd Fawr GW/SW-016 (near Abergavenny) on 7 September 2016 there was a bit of a lift on. I heard both sides of a French conversation but I couldn’t contact them. However I did get a s2s with Great Coum G/NP-011(268km) and Cringle Moor G/TW-002 (309km) in the Yorkshire Wolds along with chasers in Hatfield and Camberley. This shows I’ve just got to be in the right place on the right day - and with someone listening at the other end. Chasers, please note, the activators need you! Thanks for your help.
Viki M6BWA


Mike (NS1TA)-

I was thinking of actually surprising my bride with a trip to Iceland this coming summer (depending on if they give me orders out of the National Capitol Region. If they don’t, this trip might be a possibility).

She had mentioned wanting to do a thru-hike of the Laugavegur, which is a 49 mile trek. There are several SOTA summits on that trail, too.

Nate N0PCL