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2018 is a coming


An overnighter on a summit, with a very long activation including at least one QSO on each band from 160m through 70cm, with maybe some nice DX, plus some pleasant interstellar receiving in the 400-700nm band (a.k.a. stargazing).

There are numerous peaks in Arizona that would be fairly easy to accomplish this. But, XYL doesn’t like me to camp so this will be harder to achieve than it sounds :wink:

If the stars align, maybe I can do it on my MG summit which may happen in 2018.

Keith KR7RK


I hope to become the first Mountain Goat from the First State (Delaware, US).



To become more proficient with CW operation, to the point where I’m comfortable with a steady 15wpm ragchew-style QSO.



I want to stop buying extra radios. Bought 2 more this week… sigh…


That bucket will run out of room soon!

For me - I’ll settle for cracking 100 activator points. Stretch goal of picking up CW copy.


make an s2s QSO across the pond on FT8 digimode.

Barry N1EU


If I had to pick one action, it would be to finish building my outstanding project - a portable 50w PEP HF amplifier kit which has been sat on the workbench for 6 months and it was bought as my existing (very much modified) Ramsey amplifier was on it’s last legs 6 months ago! The ramsey amp has since had two new power transistors and some other mods but it’s really “living on borrowed time”.



Simple. Get out more!

73 de Paul G4MD


Nate (N0PCL) - that sounds like an awesome trip!! I would be interested on how that works for you and any lessons learned as you will likely do that trip before I do (I anticipate late August). Keep me posted!
Mike NS1TA


To get to 100 uniques. And to 300 activator points by year end.


To get up the hills more, 1/4 Goat would be nice!

73 Paul


To complete 1000 VK and 100 ZL, SOTA contacts…



2018 Goals are

  • Sloth (66 points to go)

  • 3cm activation

  • 100 Summits Complete

  • ZL1 Activation

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Let’s keeps Karl’s thread going! Aerial Mast and two aerials please for 2018!

I want a better DX and SOTA Chaser signal and better reception from 1.8 MHz - 50 MHz from the “retirement QTH” we moved to one year ago, so in April I applied for planning permission for a mast and two aerials - which will be some type of HF beam and a 50/70 MHz dual band yagi which I already have.

Due to my District Council being short staffed they could not deal with my planning application within the statutory period of 8 weeks, therefore I appealed to the Government Planning Inspectorate on the grounds of non-determination after 16 weeks had passed.

So for 2018 I would like the Government Inspector that visited my QTH yesterday to favour my appeal and grant me permission to erect a 12m mast and the two aerials. Documents are in the public domain so here they are again. My application has been supported by the RSGB Planning Committee Chairman John Mattocks, The editor of Practical Wireless Don Field G3XTT and Dave Bottomley (SOTA Activator) G3TQQ, who lives near to my QTH.

73 de Phil G4OBK

  1. continue learning CW. get enough cw skill to have a qso.
  2. if i get a QCX rig, build it and have a qso on it.

hobbies but non radio related
3) break 90 for a round of golf.


I break 90 all the time - my last round was 127 :smile:

My goals for 2018 are ME (VHF) Silver, and to qualify summits on new bands I haven’t before UHF and above and below 40m


I haven’t been on the air for a long time, so I’m aiming for 2018 to be the “comeback year!” It’ll be good to do some CW and SOTA using a QRP rig.

Hope to meet some of you on the air during the year!




A successful bypass operation, followed by a steady recovery so that I can get up Ben Nevis GM/WS-001 in the autumn. No more, no less. :slight_smile:


My advice from a retired councillor was just put it up and see what happens ! The council will be too busy to bother with you or any complaints seemed to be the principle. It is a matter of judging risk with the neighbours. But since you raised it with the council it could be more tricky. Andrew G4VFL.


My situation is rather different to the norm OM, so whilst I have used the “just put it hope and hope for the best” method and it has worked in the past for me, the prospect of spending £2000 on a new Tennamast and Hexbeam, a cubic metre of concrete etc and then being forced to dismantle and sell off secondhand would not have been wise, for the price of a £172 planning application, win or lose. I’m happy to try the “just put it up and hope for the best” method on stuff fixed to the house - but I have already done that with my existing two aerials! From experience one needs at least 5 aerials to operate an EFFICIENT station from 160m - 2m which is what I have always tried to do, and get the best signal I can out from the seven QTHs I have had since 1982.

73 Phil G4OBK (Last word on it - off topic)