ZIPPY 4200/8200mAh LiFePO4 battery supply?

I tried to order one of these from Hobbyking in the UK, but both this one and the 8200mAh seem to be withdrawn.

Their “product specialist” haha, couldn’t why or when an alternative would be available.

Anyone know of an alternative product or supplier?

The direct links in the old thread still work, but they are marked as out of stock.
The direct link for the 8400 mAh version also still works, but also this one ist out of stock.

In the past after some time, they were in stock again. Don’t know whether this will happen also this time.
Once my two 4200 mAh and my 8400 mAh packs die, I consider something of this German shop. Sorry, German only and I have no experiences with this batteries.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Have you had a look at Battery, I got my Lifepo4 from them, but not sure if they do an 8200mAh ?


Had a look at their site and can’t see anything like the Zippy 4100mAh.

Shame, the ones you want, seem to be out of stock everywhere ?

Yep, ain’t be able to find them anywhere

Link is badly formatted (unless you like looking at Rembrandts!):

Found the site anyways, and they don’t appear to sell anything like the Zippy flightmax.

I’ve been checking the Hobbyking site from a UK perspective. The 4200mah Zippy Flightmax LifePo4s are no longer available. The 8000mah is available but there is now a £20 surcharge for delivery, taking the total to around £80. I’m not surprised about this.

I’ve just ordered some Panasonic 18650 LifePo4 cells from eBay to create a KX3 battery, I suspect this is the way we may need to go moving forward if the supply of these batteries dry up.

Their need is probably very much driven by the remote controlled hobbyists.

The two problems I see with the 8000mAh battery is that it’s 105WHr and that could be an issue taking on a plane. The second is the sheer up front cost should your battery swell and fail just after the waranty expires.

I’m super happy with my 4200 and will ensure it’s not abused if it’s now a “collectors item”. I think my LiPos which are 10 years old this year were never 4000mAh but probably 2800/3200 based on performance and also the original cheapo charger never fully charged them. Since moving to a B6 charger, the LiPos do last better.

I think it’s time to invest in one of Luc ON7DQ’s 18650 power packs and cell holder tricks for airplanes etc. anyway.


Back in stock?


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Welcome to the SOTA Reflector!

Further to replies above and in a similar vein. An 8.2Ah you would not in theory be allowed on an aircraft which might be why supply is difficult. I ordered a 10Ah about 8 years ago from China and I’m still waiting for it to arrive. Far better to use smaller batteries and harness them together. I have two pairs of 5Ah which I used last weekend. I used to have a 13.2Ah which was actually three 4.4’s in parallel. These big batteries were and sometimes still are used for a 100W radio.

All these have worked well and I have had no trouble apart from the usual swelling which seems to eventually occur with most of them paralleled or not. I un-parallel them for charging normally but I’ve had no problem charging while paralleled on many occasions using just one of the sense/ balancing connectors without trouble. NOT RECOMMENDED however.

You will get more flexibility with smaller batteries and the choice of stacking them or using singly for lighter applications

73, John

Another thread which may be of use to you?

I don’t understand the difference between the 4s1p and the 4s2p, anyone able to help?

4S1P = 4 cells in Series in 1 Parallel bank

4S2P = 4 cells in Series in 2 Parallel banks

For LiFePo, each cell is 3.2V, 4 in series is 13.2 Volts.

The 4s1p 4200mAH has has 4 cells of 4200mAH capacity each in series.
The 4s2p 4200mAH has 4 cells of 2400mAH capacity in series, in parallel with, 4 cells of 2400mAH capacity in series.


Is there any “better” configuration for our use?

4S1P is made up of 4 cells.
4S2P is made up of 8 cells.

From a probability point of view the fewer cells you have making up your battery, the fewer things you have to go wrong.

But even if you order the 4S1P, you might actually get sent a 4S2P. Hobbyking are a bit like that, and that happened to me, and from the feedback has happened to others. Then you have to ask yourself if you want to go through the pain of sending it back - I just kept mine.

Batteries need a bit of TLC if you want long service from them, i.e. protect them from physical shock, don’t let them get too hot or too cold, always balance charge them, don’t overcharge or over discharge them, regularly check the cell impedance if you have the capability to do so.

In operation both banks will appear and work the same.


Excellent thank you :slight_smile:

The Zippy Flightmax 4200mha are back in stock shipping from UK warehouse for just over £5 delivery

Ok sorry just read back and found this is old ISH news. Looks like the 1p is out of stock but the 2p is in stock at just over £30

Just for the log: The 4200 mAh and 8400 mAh 4S LiFePO4-packs are back at Hobbyking. Now with yellow heatshrink and labelled “compact” despite the size is exactly the one of the older flightmax series:

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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