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HobbyKing: LiFEPO batteries not showing

I think I’m doing something wrong but I was on the European HobbyKing site with a view to ordering a LiFEPo and could not find any for sale.

Have HobbyKing stopped selling them or do they have a new name or am I just being thick (most likely)?

Suggestions for alternate vendors in Europe or the UK if HobbyKing have given up on them please.

You need to use the filters, click on Chemistry and choose LiFE

It is their website. I was looking at LiFePO4 only yesterday. I had to select LIPO, then use the search facility top left of the webpage. Hope this works for you. :slight_smile:

OK, I can find some LiFEPO4 packs using Gerald’s method but only 2S i.e. 6.6V. Sure I can buy 2 and series them but no 4S packs show up. Odd.

Maybe try this…


Presumably you want this sort of capacity. :wink:

Hi Andy

The Hobbyking website is a bit of a mare to navigate :frowning:

I bought a 4200mAh 4S1P LiFePO4 battery (as per Gerald’s link) last Thursday from the UK warehouse, delivered on Friday. I wanted two, but it would only let me order one so I suspected this may have been the last one they had in stock. They were available from the EU warehouse, but at 3 - 10 day delivery.

Hope you get what you’re after

73 de Paul G4MD

Your HobbyKing search-fu is better than mine. Yes, I guess that’s what I want. I’ll need a new charger too. Something to order from Santa Claus…

I did some more checking and the voltage measured by a DVM reads a fair bit higher than the 817 display. Confused I checked against my 817ND and that reads accurately. I tried swapping power leads and the discrepancy remains. It works fine but reads low. That was what had me thinking the cell was not holding charge. Still I think I’ve had my money’s worth as I bought them the same time Gerald bought some. Time for some new toys!

There is a calibration setting in the 817 extended menu to align the volt meter with reality. Or with your reliable trusted DVM.

I remember now that my old 817 always read low and I’ll give it a tweak when I get a moment.

I have two of the Zippy Flightmax 4200mha LiFePo4 and they work great.

Little tip go on the web site find what ya want and do nothing for a while, sometimes they give an discount as got fiver off last time i was on there when brought me 8400mah last year. Its still going strong today with the proper Balanced charger.


Sadly they don’t seem to be doing that now Karl :frowning:

Arghh, does that mean mine are about to expire? Oh dear, they are only nine and a half years old. Long gone are the days when I was regularly buying new batteries for SOTA, but then they were sealed lead acid ones. I wonder how long the LiFePO4 ones will last.

I need a LiFEPO compatible charger as my existing charger only does LiPO or LiION cells. I remember the IMAX B6 was well received but I see I can buy a genuine one for £33 or a clone for £18. Is there any real difference between them?

I have two LiFePo4 Zippy 4200, I don’t use them often but do stick them on the balance/charger often. Unfortunately I noticed mid September that one of them has swollen slightly since the end of July and it is a tad over 4 years old. One of the cells is reading a bit higher than the rest.

A quick read of the customer feedback at the HobbyKing web site reveals some unhappy customers with a common complaint on new LiFEPO battery quality.

As I haven’t seen anything untoward written here about quality, is it safe to assume our community is happy with the 4Sxx products?


I bought a 4S1P Zippy LifePO battery from HobbyKing about 3 years ago. I have looked after it carefully, and it is still apparently in good condition. I’m probably not the heaviest user, though…

The reviews I have read recently on their website imply problems with the batteries on delivery, which almost rules out user error…


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I’d seen the review comments so I checked the one I bought last week as soon as it arrived… each cell was 3.25V. Not had a chance to charge/discharge it yet…

Have decided to retain the stock 5.5mm bullet connectors rather than chop them off and fit Powerpoles though, just in case…

73 de Paul G4MD

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I must say, I found my 4200 mAh was dropping off peak voltage before I even connected a radio. If you have any doubts, send it straight back. I think someone here mentioned that the Imax B6 clones are junk and not properly calibrated. I’m happy with my original.

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Regarding the chargers.

I have the SKYRC IMAX; B6AC Version 2, and the B6.

I have used both for 2-3 years and been very pleased with them.

The B6AC is my preference, and it has more features, and also enables you to measure cell impedance, which is a good indication of battery condition, and trends towards possible failures.

The B6 is smaller, and a bit more basic so I take it with me when I travel, particularly abroad, where weight and space is an issue.